A Lineup of Unique Last Names

In response to the most recent article on the VORG (titled “Our Opponents Don’t Look Familiar”), Jamie Gray tweeted the following:

Jamie Gray@Jamee999

This title gave me a question: has there ever been a lineup of surnames seen no where else in MLB history?

Jamie was seeking lineups with names that are unique to MLB history . . . nine guys with the distinction that each has been the only player with that particular last name.    Using the Lahman Baseball Database, I found that there have been approximately 6,300 unique last names through 2011, and then I matched those last names against the starting lineups found in the Retrosheet gamelogs.

Of the 150,000+ games with complete starting lineup information through 2011, there have been 49 games where each of the nine players on a team had a “unique surname”.   The first such instance was April 23, 1941, courtesy of the St. Louis Browns.  The Minnesota Twins gave us the most recent occurrence (prior to 2012), on August 17, 2011.  Chances are good that one of these 49 games included people like Jim Thome, Scott Podsednik, A.J. Pierzynski or Tadahito Iguchi.  Here is the complete list (team involved is italicized and bolded):

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