The Space Jump . . . in Baseball terms

Earlier today, Felix Baumgartner successfully completed a jump from a record 24 miles in space.  A pressurized capsule, lifted by a special helium balloon, ascended to 128,097 feet before Baumgartner leapt out of the capsule and endured an extensive free-fall before deploying his parachute.

So, let’s put 128,097 feet in terms baseball fans can understand . . . 128,097 feet is equal to:

         355.85 inside the park homers
         259.31 of the longest HR in MLB this season (494 feet)
    35,748.00 Eddie Gaedels
    23,648.68 Jose Altuves
    18,520.05 Jon Rauches
    46,580.73 33in. bats stacked cup to knob
  512,388.00 3in. diameter baseballs stacked on top of each other
      2,117.30 pitches thrown from rubber to plate

2 thoughts on “The Space Jump . . . in Baseball terms

  1. The diameter of a baseball is roughly 2 7/8 inches. Let’s say it’s 3 inches, that’s 4 baseballs to a foot. 128,097 feet would mean that 512,388 baseballs would be needed.

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