The VORG’s Frankenstorm Team

So, here in New York City-Metro area (VORG headquarters), we’re preparing for Hurricane Sandy, which is supposed to make landfall in South Jersey sometime Monday evening.  With that, we’re raiding store shelves for candles, bottled water, batteries and such.

To keep my mind off the weather, I present to you the “Frankenstorm” Team:

C: Sandy Alomar Jr., Steve Lake, Sandy Leon, Sandy Martinez

1B: Ernie Gust

2B: Sandy Alomar Sr., Sandy McDermott

OF: Sandy Amoros, Curt Flood, Mickey Rivers, Sandy Griffin, Sandy Valdespino

SP: Sandy Koufax, Storm Davis, Rich Gale

RP: Steve Rain, Windy McCall, David Weathers, Mark Clear, Donne Wall

Hard to find a SS or 3B.  Suggestions?



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8 Responses to The VORG’s Frankenstorm Team

  1. Carneg says:

    Pinch runner: Herb ‘The Hurricane’ Washington!

    (You also might want to add Ken Cloude to the pitching staff.)

  2. Jason G. says:

    3B/SS Larry Raines (kind of a stretch but we take what we can get)

  3. SayHeyWillie says:

    SS: Johnnie Disaster

  4. chasmansfo says:

    Chuck Rainet also needs to be added to the pitchign staff.

  5. liamlturner says:

    Maybe Al Dark? (All Dark)

  6. John Autin says:

    Mike Blowers for 3B.

  7. G. S. Ultan says:

    Omigosh!! You omitted P. Denton True “Cy” (for Cyclone) Young!

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