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The VORG’s All-Haiku HOF Ballot Rundown

The 2013 Hall of Fame ballot was announced yesterday, and of course the VORG has opinions  on all the candidates . . . in Haiku: Jack Morris wonders If the writers will end up Voting to the score Jeff Bagwell … Continue reading

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A Very VORGy Thanksgiving – 2012 Edition

Once again, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the following people/entities for making my baseball blogging world a better place (in no particular order): Baseball Prospectus: My first baseball stop each morning.  From prospect talk with Jason Parks … Continue reading

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The VORG’s “All-Thanksgiving” Team

With Thanksgiving coming up, the VORG wishes you a very happy holiday, with hopes that you can spend time with friends and family.  In the meantime, here’s our “All-Thanksgiving” Team: C: Yam Yaryan, Harry Sage, Robbie Wine 1B: Ham Patterson, … Continue reading

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The VORG’s 2012 “Most Voweluable Player” Awards

The last of the 2012 season awards will be handed out Thursday afternoon, as the AL and NL MVPs are announced.  Here at the VORG, MVP stands for “Most Voweluable Player”, that being the player in each league with the … Continue reading

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Repost: The 2012 “Pi Young Award” Winners

Note:  Since today is the official announcement of the AL and NL Cy Young Awards, the VORG is re-posting its “Pi Young Awards” for 2012. ———————————————————————————————————- We’ve reached the end of another exciting season, and with it, its now time … Continue reading

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Rabbis in Baseball?

If you study the Torah, you probably don’t also study how to hit or throw a curveball.  There have only been a couple of Rabbis to make the Majors, and none were “actual” Rabbis.  There was Moses Solomon aka “The Rabbi of … Continue reading

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2012 VORG Rookie of the Year awards

Major League Baseball begins its awards for the 2012 regular season with Monday’s announcement of the respective Rookie of the Year in each league.  Here at the VORG, there is no doubt as to the winners. Over in the National … Continue reading

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