The VORG’s “Electile Dysfunction” Team

Election Day is finally here.  If you had trouble voting, be it from long lines, voter suppression efforts, ballot tampering or something similar, the VORG feels your pain.  To commemorate the difficulty in this civil process, the VORG presents its “Electile Dysfunction” team.  Vote early (and often) for these players!

Commissioner: Kenesaw Landis (Judge)

Mgr.: Paul Owens (The Pope), Judge Fuchs

C: Fatty Briody (Alderman)

1B: Sean Casey (The Mayor), Joe Judge, Del Gainer (Sheriff)

2B: Jerry Browne (The Governor),

SS: Tommy Mee (Judge),

3B: Frank Ellerbe (Governor)

OF: Dave Pope, Judge McCredie, Harry Lumley (Judge), Frank Robinson (The Judge), David Justice, Dave Harris (Sheriff), Jim Jones (Sheriff), Hal Lee (Sheriff), Earl Smith (Sheriff)

SP: Dennis Martinez (El Presidente), Sheriff Blake, Tom Grubb (Judge), John Gaddy (Sheriff)

RP: Judge Nagle, Norm Charlton (The Sheriff), Jim Constable, Donn Pall (The Pope), Howard Craghead (Judge), Ralph Works (Judge), Marshall Bridges (Sheriff), Charlie Gassaway (Sheriff), John Singleton (Sheriff), Russ Van Atta (Sheriff)

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