2012 VORG Rookie of the Year awards

Major League Baseball begins its awards for the 2012 regular season with Monday’s announcement of the respective Rookie of the Year in each league.  Here at the VORG, there is no doubt as to the winners.

Over in the National League, Reds’ shortstop Didi Gregorius played in eight games and compiled a .300/.300/.300 line in 21 plate appearances.  But more importantly for the VORG, Didi’s full given name is “Mariekson Julius Gregorius”.  Not surprisingly, he is the first “Mariekson” or “Didi” to ever play in the big leagues.   Gregorius was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and is only the 10th player from there to make the Majors. Congrats to Didi on winning the 2012 VORG NL Rookie of the Year.

In the American League, Brian Omogrosso relieved in 17 games for the White Sox, compiling a 2.57 ERA in 21 innings.  But the VORG doesn’t care so much about those stats . . . we note that Omogrosso is the FIRST player in history to have 4 “Os” in his last name.  Through 2011, there had been roughly 55 “3 Os in last name” players . . . most recently Guillermo Moscoso.  But Omogrosso is the first “quadruple O” man.  Hail to Brian Omogrosso as the 2012 VORG AL Rookie of the Year.

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