Rabbis in Baseball?

If you study the Torah, you probably don’t also study how to hit or throw a curveball.  There have only been a couple of Rabbis to make the Majors, and none were “actual” Rabbis.  There was Moses Solomon aka “The Rabbi of Swat“, who appeared in two games with the NY Giants in 1923.  As Howard Lavelle explained in an SABR profile:

Homer King Solomon ruled supreme for one brief and brilliant year. He wore the flowing purple in 1923, when he rode with the long ball lords of the past. He hit 49 roundtrippers that year for Hutchinson in the Southwestern League, the highest total ever recorded in the minor leagues up to that point.

That’s how Solomon got the attention of the Giants, and his cup of coffee.   85 years later, Brian Horwitz, known to some as “The Rabbi“, appeared in 21 games for the Giants.  That’s been it for Rabbis in the Majors, except for the Giants’ “Rally Rabbi” and his corresponding bobblehead.

So now we have the Blue Jays looking for a manager.  25-year-old Zev Icyk, who is studying at the Rabbinical College of America, one of the largest Chabad Lubavitch Chasidic Yeshivas, in Morristown, N.J., believes himself to be the answer to the Blue Jays’ prayers:

“I have drive, motivation, experience and personality to take the Jays where Alex Anthopoulos wants them to go,” an e-mail titled ‘The Jays’ vacant manager position’ read.

“The Jays would be the most aggressive and exciting team in the bigs.  I am the only rabbi in the world with the ability to manage in the majors.”

While the VORG appreciates his enthusiasm, we believe there to be a couple of  questions/concerns:

  • Up to 2/7ths of the major league schedule occurs on the Sabbath.  Will Rabbi Icyk designate his bench coach to be the manager during those games?
  • Given the name of the Jays home park, if this young man gets the job and someone in the organization sets him up to fail, will the biopic movie be titled “Who Framed Rogers’ Rabbi?”


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