The VORG’s “All-Thanksgiving” Team

With Thanksgiving coming up, the VORG wishes you a very happy holiday, with hopes that you can spend time with friends and family.  In the meantime, here’s our “All-Thanksgiving” Team:

C: Yam Yaryan, Harry Sage, Robbie Wine

1B: Ham Patterson, Ham Hyatt

2B: Ham Schulte, Nap Lajoie

SS: Turkey Gross, Ham Allen, Bobby Wine

3B: Pie Traynor

OF: Turkey Stearnes, Ralph Ham, Ham Wade, Felix Pie, Damian Rolls

PH: Turkey Tyson

SP: Ham Iburg

[Post-script: CrashburnAlley’s Bill Baer noted the absence of 1B Mark Grace.  Thanks Bill!]


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