A Very VORGy Thanksgiving – 2012 Edition

Once again, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the following people/entities for making my baseball blogging world a better place (in no particular order):

  • Baseball Prospectus: My first baseball stop each morning.  From prospect talk with Jason Parks and others to fantasy baseball advice to injury news, they’re the best out there.
  • Baseball Reference: THE go-to site for anything stats-related.  Its “Play Index” (a steal at $29 per year) is an absolute must-have for anyone interested in data mining when a stats question comes up.
  • MLB Trade Rumors: If you want to know the status of a free agent, or the latest on a possible trade, this is where you go.  They have helpful “free agent trackers” and “free agent-eligible” lists, and are a great clearinghouse for all the latest news on player movement.
  • Baseball Musings: David Pinto’s site has an article on virtually every major and minor baseball story that hits the interwebs each day.  He’s been doing it a long time too . . .
  • SABR: The Society for American Baseball Research recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, and their revamped website is a wonderful encyclopedia of the game’s history.  Membership in the organization gives you even greater access to research materials.
  • MLB Network: A big step up from ESPN’s Baseball Tonight (even if they DO employ Harold Reynolds).  They show enough in-season live games to allow me to cancel my cable-based “Extra Innings” package (saving $199).  Their sabermetric-based “Clubhouse Confidential” show is a wonderful antidote to the “gritty, gutsy, knows how to win” chatter.
  • Ballbug: A baseball newsarticle bot.  It not only aggregates breaking news, it lists other articles that reference the main link.
  • Bronx Banter: Alex Belth has been blogging about the Yankees longer than just about anyone, and he’s damn good at it.  What makes “Banter” special is that its not just the Yankees, its New York … its food … its art … its movies … its interviews with writers.  The site recently celebrated its tenth anniversary.  You never know what will turn up on the site, but you’ll never be disappointed.
  • Cliff Corcoran: Funny and intelligent baseball writer for SI.COM and other places.
  • The Baseball Show with Rany and Joe: More or less weekly podcast with Baseball Prospectus’ alumni Rany Jazayerli and Joe Sheehan.  Spot-on, timely analysis of the week’s events.
  • Joe Sheehan Newsletter: nearly daily e-mail updates with Joe’s thoughts on the games, players and major stories.  Thorough, solid work.
  • MLB.COM: Mainly because they FINALLY allow you to embed and share their video content.  (About time).
  • Retrosheet: Volunteer organization that is doing yeoman work to assemble box scores and play-by-play accounts of every game they can, mainly for games that occurred prior to the technological revolution of the 80s.  They freely share their data files, and much of my blogging work depends on their toil and sweat.
  • Various talented bloggers/writers/baseball savants: Emma Span, Amanda Rykoff, Ember Nickel, Mike Petriello, The Captain’s Blog, Wendy Thurm, Scott Pianowski, Ben Duronio, Will Carroll (thanks for everything, kind sir!), Bob Timmermann, Matthew Kory, Bill Parker, Andy Glockner, Richard Bergstrom, Craig Glaser, Geoff Young, Ted Berg, Ben Kabak, Ken Arneson, Patrick Dicaprio, Bill Petti, Larry Granillo, Joshua Worn, Larry Koestler, James Finn Garner, Marc Normandin, Eno Sarris (and the rest of the gang at Fangraphs), Bill Baer, Dan Turkenkopf, Bexy (You Can’t Predict Baseball), Aaron Gleeman, Rebeccapbp, Joe Pawlikowski and Craig Calcaterra.
  • All my Twitter followers.
  • Anyone who has taken the time to read this blog and comment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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