The VORG’s Holiday Songbook: “Dreidel Song”

Last year, the VORG started rewriting traditional Winter holiday song lyrics using only last names of professional ballplayers.

We had “The 12 Days of Christmas“.  Then we tackled “Auld Lang Syne“.

This year, with Hanukah coming up later this week, we begin by offering our Jewish readers a little something . . . the “Dreidel Song”.  In case you’ve forgotten it, here’s one version of it, sung by a bunch of culturally diverse third-graders.

Weren’t they cute?  But it would have been so much better had they sung that using only baseball player names!  So, why don’t you replay the video, and sing along with the VORG-supplied lyrics below.

Eye Haffa Little Drey Dell
Eye Made Eto Tao Offe Clay
Anda Wenig Dry Anda Ready
Then Drey Dell Eichel Peley

Oh Drey Dell Drey Dell Drey Dell
Eye Made  Eto Tao Offe Clay
Anda Wen Nitz Dry Anda Ready
Then Drey Dell Eichel Peley!

It Hazle Lovely Boddie
With Leggs Seo Short Anda Finn
Anda Wen Mye Drey Dell‘s Tyer‘d
It Drops Anda Then Eye Wynn!


Mye Drey Dell Saul Wais  Peley Fell
It Loves Teut Dance Anda Spina
A Happ Pay Happ Pay Gay Muth Drey Dell
Kump Lay Knau, Letz Bee Ginn!

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  1. Diane, I’ve tried reading your post of December 2O, 2O11 about real life “casey at the bat” scenarios, but your archives don’t appear to go back that far. Is there anyway you could repost it, or perhaps email this article to me? Any help would be appreciated greatly. I really enjoy your blog, I’m a baseball stat freak. Thank you Diane for any help you may provide. James

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