The VORG “All-Punctuation Mark” Team

Late last week, while the Twitterverse waited for the finalization of the “R.A. Dickey to the Blue Jays” trade, Gar Ryness, better known to the world as “Batting Stance Guy“, tweeted the following:

If R.A. Dickey is traded for Travis D’Arnaud that would be a lot of decimals & apostrophes.

The VORG was intrigued by this melange of punctuation marks.  So, what kind of team could one construct if we limited the roster to those players with hyphens, periods and apostrophes in their name?

(It would have been nice to include players with diacritical marks such as the tilde or umlaut, but my reference sources don’t include those in an easily-identifiable manner.)

Here is the all-hyphen team:
1B: Peek-A-Boo Veach 1B
2B: Jo-Jo Morrissey 2B
SS: Chin-lung HuPee-Wee WanningerYo-Yo Davalillo
OF: Chin-Feng ChenShin-Soo ChooJohn-Ford GriffinJo-Jo MooreJo-Jo White, Che-Hsuan Lin
P: Ryan Rowland-SmithByung-Hyun KimChien-Ming WangBoom-Boom BeckHong-Chih KuoSang-Hoon LeeJean-Pierre RoyChin-hui TsaoSun-Woo Kim, Dae-Sung KooChi-Chi OlivoPop-boy SmithFu-Te NiJo-Jo Reyes, Wei-Yin Chen

Here is the all-apostrophe team:
C: Charlie O’Brien, Peaches O’Neill, George O’Brien, Johnny O’Connor, Mickey
O’NeilPaddy O’Connor, Harry O’Donnell, Harry O’Neill, Steve O’Neill, Mike O’Berry, Dink O’Brien, Jack O’Brien, Jack O’Connor, John O’Connell, John O’Donnell, Greg
O’Halloran, Jack O’Neill, John O’Neill, Ken O’Dea, Bob O’Farrell, Tom O’Meara, Tom
1B: Jamie D’Antona, Kila Ka’aihue, Billy O’Brien, Denny O’Neil, Pete O’Brien, Dan
O’Connor, Hal O’Hagan, Johnny O’Brien, Danny O’Connell, John O’Brien
2B: Pete O’Brien, John O’Connell, Tom O’Brien, D’Angelo Jimenez
SS: Charley O’Leary, Chase d’Arnaud, Eddie O’Brien, Ollie O’Mara, Patsy O’Rourke, John O’Neil, Jim O’Neill
3B: Frank O’Rourke, Syd O’Brien, Tom O’Malley, Tim O’Rourke
OF: Queenie O’Rourke, Darby O’Brien, Tommy O’Brien, Jimmy O’Connell, Lefty O’Doul, Jack O’Brien, John O’Brien, Paul O’Dea, Bill O’Hara, Troy O’Leary, Bill O’Neill, Fred O’Neill, Paul O’Neill, John O’Rourke, Ray O’Brien, Tom O’Brien, Pat O’Connell, Kid O’Hara, Tom O’Hara, Dan O’Leary, Tip O’Neill, Jim O’Rourke
P: Darren O’Day, George O’Donnell, Skinny O’Neal, Emmett O’Neill, Dennis O’Toole,
Darby O’Brien, Brian O’Connor, Frank O’Connor, Billy O’Dell, Randy O’Neal, Harry
O’Neill, Marty O’Toole, John D’Acquisto, Jeff D’Amico, Buck O’Brien, Andy O’Connor,
Jack O’Connor, Mike O’Connor, Hank O’Day, John O’Donoghue, Eric O’Flaherty, Ryan O’Malley, Mike O’Neill, Mike O’Rourke, Sean O’Sullivan, Bob O’Brien, Dan O’Brien, Don O’Riley, Jim O’Toole, Ed O’Neil

And finally, here is the all-period team:
C: Ebba St. ClaireMax St. PierreJ.P. ArencibiaJ.C. BoscanJ.D. ClosserA.J. Ellis,
A.J. HinchJ.R. HouseJ.C. MartinA.J. PierzynskiJ.R. TowlesB.J. Waszgis
1B: D.T. CromerJ.R. PhillipsJ.T. Snow
2B: P.J. ForbesJ.J. Furmaniak
SS: J.J. HardyJ.C. HartmanT.E. Newell
OF: T.J. BohnJ.T. BruettJ.J. DavisD.J. DozierJ.D. DrewJ.D. MartinezR.J. ReynoldsF.P. SantangeloJ.B. ShuckB.J. SurhoffB.J. Upton, L.J. Hoes, A.J. Pollock
P: Randy St. ClaireJim St.VrainC.V. Matteson, T.J. BeamT.R. BrydenA.J. Burnett, D.J. CarrascoR.A. DickeyJ.D. DurbinJ.A. HappD.J. HoultonJ.P. HowellJ.D. MartinT.J. MathewsA.J. MurrayC.J. NitkowskiJ.J. PutzJ.R. RichardJ.C. RomeroB.J. RyanA.J. SagerJ.D. SmartR.J. SwindleJ.J. ThobeJ.J. TrujilloT.J. TuckerP.J. WaltersC.J. WilsonJ.B. Young, A.J. Griffin, J.J. Hoover, D.J. Mitchell, A.J. Ramos, B.J. Rosenberg

Sadly, there is no existing trade database that allows for punctuation mark searches, so we can’t easily figure out if any of these players were traded for each other.  Perhaps that will be undertaken on a VERY rainy day.

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