Ladies and Gentlemen . . . “U3”

It started, as it so often innocently does, with a tweet.  In this case, it came a few days ago from a Braves fan and follower of the VORG: Steve Simonsen ‏@simonsen77 “@TomahawkTalk: If Braves get J Upton, will be 1st team anywhere to have 3 U’s(Uptons, Uggla), right?” This is up @dianagram ‘s alley … Read moreLadies and Gentlemen . . . “U3”

Earl Weaver’s Love Affair with the Three-Run Homer

As you know, Earl Weaver, perhaps the best manager of the post-expansion era in baseball, passed away at 82 on Saturday.   As described in “Pitching, Defense and Three-Run Homers: The 1970 Baltimore Orioles“, Weaver’s overarching philosophy relied heavily on the long-ball: Weaver preached his prescription for winning: “pitching and three-run homers.” He explained, “Pitching … Read moreEarl Weaver’s Love Affair with the Three-Run Homer

The “One Ballot” All-Stars?

On the heels of the yearly update to the stat category leaders for those who went voteless on their only appearance on a Hall of Fame ballot, I wondered what the leaderboard would look like if we extended it to those who may have received votes in that first year of eligibility, but still fell … Read moreThe “One Ballot” All-Stars?

“Doctors Without Borders” Blogathon

Michael Clair, the man behind the prodigious “Old Time Family Baseball” site, is having his second annual blogathon to raise funds for “Doctors Without Borders” this weekend.  Michael will be blogging every 30 minutes for 24 straight hours on Saturday, before turning it over to guest bloggers (including yours truly, tentatively at 2PM Eastern) on … Read more“Doctors Without Borders” Blogathon

Ten Years, No HOF Votes . . . Where is the love? – 2013 Update

After the 2012 Hall of Fame ballot results were announced, I thought it would be cool to take a historical look at those players who were on the standard BBWAA ballot at least once, and didn’t receive even one vote.  I presented the respective “career category leaders” within that group. With the 2013 voting now completed, … Read moreTen Years, No HOF Votes . . . Where is the love? – 2013 Update

I didn’t say “Bring in Paperboy!”

T-Mobile and MLB just announced a partnership that will, amongst many things, place wireless celphones in the dugout for coach/manager communication with each team’s respective bullpen. Should the voice part of this new system fail, one can only imagine the auto-correct follies that might result from a coach or manager trying to text the bullpen … Read moreI didn’t say “Bring in Paperboy!”

A.A. Milne meets Yu Darvish

Do you like the Homerun Derby in MLB: The Show? Do you like/remember Winnie the Pooh? Can you vaguely interpret Japanese? Did you ever wish you could combine these three seemingly disparate entities? Well my honey-loving, poly-lingual, virtual baseball friends . . . you are in luck. The folks at Reedit have stumbled upon “Winnie the … Read moreA.A. Milne meets Yu Darvish

Playing alongside Possible Hall of Famers

We’ll know the latest additions to the Hall of Fame on Wednesday.   37 names on the ballot, of which maybe one or two will be enshrined a few months from now.  But what about their teammates?  Most of those brothers in arms (and bats and gloves) won’t sniff the Hall.  Are there any who will … Read morePlaying alongside Possible Hall of Famers

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