A.A. Milne meets Yu Darvish

Do you like the Homerun Derby in MLB: The Show?

Do you like/remember Winnie the Pooh?

Can you vaguely interpret Japanese?

Did you ever wish you could combine these three seemingly disparate entities?

Well my honey-loving, poly-lingual, virtual baseball friends . . . you are in luck.

The folks at Reedit have stumbled upon “Winnie the Pooh Homerun Derby“, officially licensed by Disney!  You get ten swings as the lovable bear against an increasingly-difficult succession of Pooh’s pals.  Apparently, Eeyore has quite the repertoire for an animal “throwing” with its hind legs.

Online players of the game have expressed surprise and frustration at the unusual difficulty of the game, with the pitchers seemingly capable of defying physics in some cases.

One helpful soul has the English translation of the instructions.  (Postscript: Reader Ron Kaplan noted that there IS an English version of the game)

There are only 83 days till Opening Day.  I do hope you don’t spend all of them  trying to clear all the levels (including the showdown with Christopher Robin).

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