They Are Who We Thought They Were (with a slightly different name)

Sometimes you’ll be having a conversation with friends about ballplayers, and you’ll mistakenly mention someone with a very similar name to the one you are actually describing. For example,  perhaps you meant to talk about the white, 46-year-old former reliever for the 1980s Orioles and a bunch of other teams, Gregg Olson.  But you instead … Read moreThey Are Who We Thought They Were (with a slightly different name)

The VORG “Fat Tuesday” team

In honor of today being Fat Tuesday, the VORG presents a team whose players have a Body Mass Index of at least 30, and were born on a Tuesday (in the format: Name, BMI, birthdate) Pitchers: Jumbo Brown 35.9 4/30/1907 Rich Garces 33.9 5/18/1971 Frank Francisco 32.1 9/11/1979 Alay Soler 31.7 10/9/1979 Dennys Reyes 31.2 4/19/1977 George Sherrill 31.2 4/19/1977 Jose … Read moreThe VORG “Fat Tuesday” team

VORG Crossword Puzzle #3

We roll along on the crossword puzzle jag. Here is the solution to puzzle #2:                     Here is puzzle #3.  Solve it online, or print out a PDF. Across 1. This journeyman went 10-0 for Yankees in ’05 6. Ukraine city 12. Field unit 16. Jermaine Dye fractured this fouling … Read moreVORG Crossword Puzzle #3

VORG Isn’t Clueless

We’re just a few hours from Sunday morning, and before you settle in for an entire afternoon and evening of chicken wings, beer and football, you probably want to exercise your brain with a Sunday crossword puzzle.

We here at the VORG are fans of all sorts of word games, so of course we love crosswords.  Here is our first attempt at a baseball-themed crossword for you, our loyal readers to work out.  As of now you can’t solve this online within this post . . . you have to print this out to solve it.  We hope that future puzzles will be more interactive (we’re still working out the kinks).

You CAN solve it online here:


(solution next week)

Read moreVORG Isn’t Clueless

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