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We’re just a few hours from Sunday morning, and before you settle in for an entire afternoon and evening of chicken wings, beer and football, you probably want to exercise your brain with a Sunday crossword puzzle.

We here at the VORG are fans of all sorts of word games, so of course we love crosswords.  Here is our first attempt at a baseball-themed crossword for you, our loyal readers to work out.  As of now you can’t solve this online within this post . . . you have to print this out to solve it.  We hope that future puzzles will be more interactive (we’re still working out the kinks).

You CAN solve it online here: http://crossword.info/dianagram/baseball020213


(solution next week)


1. Give away
5. On the ocean
9. “Is he a closer or a setup man?” topic
14. He broke Don’s 58 consecutive scoreless inning record
15. All-Star ballot, for example
16. ____ Smoke, Aurelio Lopez’s nickname
17Field of law in “Federal Baseball Club versus National League”
19. Innings _____ (workhorse)
20. Feudal lord
21. White Sox lefty specialist during late 2012
23. MVP of 2010 NLCS
24. Make notches
26Aired again
28. ABC Sports and ACC basketball announcer Tim
30. Sight from Mount Olympus
33. “Roots,” e.g.
36. Euros replaced them
38. Kind of toast
39. “Give it ___!”
40. Adjective often used for a “Forget his stats. He just knows how to win!” player
42. Restroom, informally
43. 1950’s Tigers outfielder
45. He was given first shot to replace Schmidt at third
46. Pitcher Blue
47. Less taxing
49. Nailbiter
51. Mets Opening Day second baseman in 2011
53. He was known as “Nails”
57. Bone to pick
59. Cube root of Don Zimmer’s uniform number with Rays
61. “Cadaco All-Star Baseball” inventor Allen
62. Grain disease
64. Most crunchy
66. Dave ____, hit first homer in Metrodome (1982)
67. County in which Royals’ Class-A team plays
68. Tiny criticisms
69. Gum
70. Knocked off, in a way
71. Baseball’s one-armed man (1945)


1. Something to be raked over
2. Former Blue Jays catcher Whitt
3. Scare off
4. First pick in 1960 Expansion Draft
5. Mth. with four-man rotations, usually
6. Pennants, foam fingers and the like
7. Otherwise
8. One might get left standing at it
9. “It’s no ___!”
10. Ray ___, Pirates pitching coach
11. Third in 1954 NL MVP vote
12. Moves
13. Blows it
18. Hot streak at the plate
22. Won 43 games for Expos, 1982-1984
25. Magnesium silicate, commonly
27. Red Sox color man
29. Piece of land
31. Fernando ____, went 1-11 from 2010- 2012 for Astros
32. Boston outfielder who was second player to hit grand slam on first pitch of his career (2010)
33. Herb in Simon and Garfunkel song
34. City on the Yamuna River
35. Zeros on the scoreboard
37. Stimulant linked to death of Orioles’ Steve Bechler
40. Stadium torn down in 2009
41. Naysayer’s descriptive for Jose Altuve
44. First overall pick in 1968 Amateur Draft
46. Performance-based type of option
48. 2012 Eastern League MVP, now with Phillies
50. Wicker farm basket
52. Ralph Seybold’s nickname
54. Churchill’s “___ Finest Hour”
55. Bob Marley fan
56. Anxious
57. Frequent vendor offering at stadium
58. Coastal raptor
60. Russia’s ___ Mountains
63. Sparky Anderson’s uniform number with Reds
65. Clinch, with “up”

Thanks to Jordan Smedresman, Merrill Kaitz, Zachary Levine, Bill Baer and Kurt Blumenau for editing help and suggestions.

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