VORG Crossword Puzzle #7 (and bonus puzzle!)

Happy Opening Night!  Baseball is finally back, and to celebrate the VORG offers you not one but two crossword puzzles.  Over at ESPN’s SweetSpot, we’ve got an Opening Day-themed puzzle for you! Before we get to the standard VORG Crossword, here is the solution to puzzle #6:                 … Read moreVORG Crossword Puzzle #7 (and bonus puzzle!)

Mike Lieberthal and “Sabbathmetrics”

Last night marked the beginning of Passover, the celebration of the Israelites’ freedom from slavery in Egypt.  That means its time for another Sabbathmetrics post, in which we look at whether certain Jewish players performed better on worse on the Sabbath. Our focus today is on Mike Lieberthal.  Lieberthal was a 14-year veteran, mostly with … Read moreMike Lieberthal and “Sabbathmetrics”

March Moniker Madness 2013

Hello there hoops-loving baseball fans and welcome back to another go-around of March Moniker Madness, where we seek to identify the player with the best name in the Majors. Last year we filtered through 512 names to get down to the eventual winner.  This year, due to blogmistress time constraints, we are starting with 32.  … Read moreMarch Moniker Madness 2013

Happy Pi Day 2013!

                If you’ve been reading the VORG for a while, you know that our favorite day of the year, aside from Opening Day, would be Pi Day.  Pi Day (3.14) celebrates the magic and wonder of this numerical constant. For those of you who have forgotten your high school … Read moreHappy Pi Day 2013!

Documenting the Existence of Unicorns in Baseball

Unicorns are the “it” thing nowadays.  Even respected publications like “The Week” are doing stories on them (with and without accompanying rainbows and butterflies).  But you may wonder, have there ever been unicorns in baseball? Well dear reader, the VORG is happy to tell you that yes in fact, there HAVE been unicorns in baseball, … Read moreDocumenting the Existence of Unicorns in Baseball

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