You Were Meant to Play for Us!

Friend of the VORG Rob (aka @StumpTheRob) tweeted at me a couple of nights ago: rob ‏@StumpTheRob  @dianagram Got a project for you, but it starts with this trivia ?: what do Kyle Seager and Tony Cingrani have in common? I wondered if it had to do with the last names of the players (since … Read moreYou Were Meant to Play for Us!

Choo Down with HBP? Who’s Down with HBP?

Coming into the 2013 season, Reds outfield Shin-Soo Choo had 2,960 plate appearances, and had been hit by a pitch in 55 of them (one HBP every 54 PAs).  This season, through Monday night’s action, for whatever reason, Choo has already been hit ten times in 95 plate appearances (you can figure out that ratio … Read moreChoo Down with HBP? Who’s Down with HBP?

Your Last Name is My First Name!

Friend of the VORG Keith DeCandido alerted me to the following Wednesday afternoon:

Keith R.A. DeCandido @KRADeC

Ben Francisco batting before Francisco Cervelli, and I’m wondering how often that’s happened. (Paging @dianagram….)

Well, after poring over the nearly 160,000 Retrosheet gamelogs of NL/AL games through 2012, it appears that there have been approximately 130 instances of one player’s last name being the same as the first name in the next batter in the lineup.

The first occurrence came on September 13, 1916 in the second game of a doubleheader between the Cardinals and Phillies.  The Cardinals third hitter, SS Dot Miller, was immediately followed in the batting order by 2B Miller Huggins.  The most recent occasion (prior to 2013) was April 12, 2011 when the Mariners SS Brendan Ryan was followed by CF Ryan Langerhans in their game against the Blue Jays.  There has never been a “trio” in a single lineup, though on May 30, 1958 the Dodgers had C Sammy Taylor, 2B Tony Taylor and P Taylor Phillips as the bottom third of the order.

The most frequent “name duo” in history is Casey Blake and Blake DeWitt, who were in the same lineup in the same order 41 times for the Dodgers between 2008 and 2010.  Here is the list of lineup pairings for all 130 occurrences through 2012:

Pairing Count
Casey Blake, Blake DeWitt 41
Jake Early, Early Wynn 20
Felix Jose, Jose Lind 13
Greek George, George Kell 9
Dan Wilson, Wilson Valdez 6
Roberto Kelly, Kelly Dransfeldt 6
Sammy Taylor, Taylor Phillips 6
Brendan Ryan, Ryan Ludwick 5
Vance Wilson, Wilson Delgado 5
Chad Curtis, Curtis Pride 4
Cliff Lee, Lee King 3
Cody Ross, Ross Gload 3
Brendan Ryan, Ryan Langerhans 2
Tony Taylor, Taylor Phillips 2
Desi Wilson, Wilson Delgado 1
Donnie Scott, Scott Scudder 1
Dots Miller, Miller Huggins 1
Josh Paul, Paul Byrd 1
Rodney Scott, Scott Sanderson 1

And here is the list of each occurrence by date:

Read moreYour Last Name is My First Name!

VORG Crossword Puzzle #8

Its Sunday . . . time for another baseball crossword puzzle! Before we get to the standard VORG Crossword, here is the solution to puzzle #7:                     And here is the solution to the “Opening Day” puzzle that appeared at ESPN.COM:           … Read moreVORG Crossword Puzzle #8

The Shortest (Named) Batteries of All-Time

Tuesday night saw another instance of a Dillon GEE – Cliff LEE pitching matchup, the brevity of their last names having been written about before.  In the midst of (re)publicizing that post to the Twitterverse, one of my followers noted: William Tasker ‏@FlagrantFan  Now, of course, you need to go through all those games and … Read moreThe Shortest (Named) Batteries of All-Time

A Day for Shutout Routs

Sunday was a great day for 13-0 shutouts.  There were two of them.  The Red Sox routed R.A. Dickey and the Jays in Toronto, and the Indians roughed up David Price and the Rays in Tampa.  This elicited a Twitter question for Jayson Stark: Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst  Exactly 13-0? Never in div-play era RT @FrankMcawesome: … Read moreA Day for Shutout Routs

Teams with the Worst Plate Discipline of All Time

As of Saturday morning, the Houston Astros offense has accrued all of five walks (against 56 strikeouts) in their first four games.  While it is unlikely they will continue to average 1.25 walks and 14 strikeouts per game, their extremely youthful and hack-happy lineup will likely make a run at the title of worst plate … Read moreTeams with the Worst Plate Discipline of All Time

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