Players with Alphagrammatic Names

An alphagram of a word (or of any group of letters) consists of the word’s letters arranged in alphabetical order. For example, the alphagram of marlins is ailmnrs (no, its not “LOSING” . . . quiet down in the peanut gallery back there!). Two words are anagrams of each other if and only if they have the same alphagram.

Competitive Scrabble players use alphagrams as a way to study words, as explained here in Scrabble player and author Mike Baron’s “Scrabble Wordbook”:

One of my Scrabble-playing and baseball-loving friends noted that Marlins shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria’s first name is an alphagram.  This got me wondering how many other players in MLB history shared this property.  While no player has had both his first and last names be alphagrams, many have had at least one or the other.

For brevity sake, I’m not including alphagrams shorter than four letters.  You can easily figure out that names like “Al”, “Lou”, “Art”, or “Fox” and “Cox” meet the criteria.  Note that Adeiny is the longest MLB alphagram (first or last name) in history.

Last name alphagrams:
Jeremy Horst
Duane Below
Chad Bentz
Al Aber
Vicente Amor
Brandon Belt
Enrique Cruz
Felipe Alou
Moises Alou
Fausto Cruz
Hector Cruz
Nelson Cruz
Nelson Cruz
Rhiner Cruz
Victor Cruz
Deivi Cruz
Henry Cruz
Bucky Dent
Jesus Alou
Matty Alou
Barry Cort
Jacob Cruz
Julio Cruz
Tommy Cruz
Eddie Dent
Cliff Knox
Shane Loux
Frank Motz
Jerry Nops
Karl Best
Ivan Cruz
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz
Juan Cruz
Luis Cruz
Todd Cruz
Tony Cruz
Babe Doty
Gene Host
Andy Knox
John Knox
Joe Benz
Bob Botz
Bob Cerv
Joe Lotz

First name alphagrams:
Adeiny Hechavarria
Diory Hernandez
Dinty Gearin
Delos Brown
Delos Drake
Emory Nusz (sometimes listed as “William Nusz”)
Enos Kirkpatrick
Bert Campaneris
Bert Cunningham
Bert Heffernan
Bert Humphries
Bert Kuczynski
Gino Minutelli
Enos Slaughter
Cory Aldridge
Cory Rasmus
Bert Blyleven
Bert Griffith
Elmo Plaskett
Dino Restelli
Cory Sullivan
Bert Yeabsley
Bert Bradley
Bert Brenner
Dino Chiozza
Chip Coulter
Bert Daniels
Cory Gearrin
Bert Husting
Abel Lizotte
Bert Maxwell
Bert Niehoff
Bert Roberge
Mort Scanlan
Bert Shepard
Bert Sincock
Bert Whaling
Chip Ambres
Cory Bailey
Enos Cabell
Esty Chaney
Gino Cimoli
Mort Cooper
Kory DeHaan
Bert Delmas
Bert Gallia
Bert Graham
Bert Hamric
Cory Luebke
Cloy Mattox
Bert Miller
Cory Snyder
Amos Strunk
Bert Tooley
Bert Weeden
Bert Abbey
Bert Adams
Amos Booth
Cory Burns
Kory Casto
Amos Cross
Bert Cueto
Cory Doyne
Mort Flohr
Bert Hodges
Bert James
Bert Lewis
Cory Lidle
Bert Myers
Amos Rusie
Bert Thiel
Cory Vance
Bert Blue
Bert Cole
Bert Conn
Bert Daly
Dory Dean
Bert Dorr
Bert Haas
Chip Hale
Bert Hall
Bert Hogg
Bert Inks
Chip Lang
Amos Otis
Bert Pena
Cory Wade

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  1. Ah, for the day when a strapping young man by the name of Abel Nops works his way up to the major leagues. What a day it would be.

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