Fun with the names in the 2013 First-Year Player Draft

Just as we did with the 2012 version of this post, I’ll leave the sophisticated analysis of the recently-concluded 2013 Draft to the real experts.

There were 1,216 players drafted.

Most popular last names: Miller, Smith and Williams (each 11).

Most popular first names: Tyler (34), Ryan (31), Nick (21).

Longest last name: (Kyren) Gilmore-Parrott (14 letters plus one hyphen).

Shortest last name: (Cortland) Cox, (Anthony) Kay, (Brandon) Fry, (Griffin) Jax, (Marcus) Doi, (Travis) Ott, (Brett) Kay, (Corey) Ray, (Jacob) May, (Logan) Uxa, (Adam) Law, (Alex) Byo, (Cody) Ege, (Jeff) Roy, (Paul) Fry, (AJ) Puk.

Longest first name: Michaelangelo (Guzman) (13 letters, which would be the longest first name in MLB history if he makes the Majord).

Shortest first name: AJ (6 players), CJ (1), CK (1), DJ (3), JB (1), JC (1), JD (3), JJ (1), JP (1), JT (2), KJ (2), LB (1), LJ (1), MJ (1), MT (1), PJ (1), Ro (1), TJ (1), Ty (7).

Alliterative names: 69 players, as follows:

Akoni Arriaga
Alex Allbritton
Andrew Ayers
Antonio Alvarez
Brandon Bednar
Brandon Bixler
Brandon Bayardi
Brandon Brosher
Brett Booth
Brett Barber
Bryan Baker
Buddy Borden
Cale Coshow
Carson Cross
Chad Christensen
Chris Cotton
Cody Crabaugh
Cody Crouse
Cornelius Copeland
Cortland Cox
Dakota Dill
Dalton Dulin
Dane Dunning
Daniel delaCalle
David Denson
Drew Dosch
Dustin DeMuth
Dustin Driver
Garrett Gordon
Grant Goodman
Grant Gordon
Hayden Howard
Henry Hirsch
Hunter Harvey
JaCoby Jones
Jake Johansen
Jake Joyce
Jason Jester
Joe Jackson
Kevin Kuntz
Kurtis Kostuk
Luke Lanphere
Mark Meadors
Matt Marksberry
Matt McPhearson
Michael Miller
Mike Mayers
Mike McCann
MT Minacci
Paul Paez
Ramsey Romano
Raph Rhymes
Reed Reilly
Rob Rogers
Roel Ramirez
Ryan Rippee
Scott Schultz
Scott Silverstein
Scott Sitz
Silento Sayles
Sterling Sharp
Steven Sensley
Stone Speer
Taylor Terrasas
Thomas Taylor
Toby Thomas
Trace TamSing
Tyler Toyfair
Will White

Other fun names not already mentioned:
Daniel Poncedeleon
Trey Michalczewski
Johneshwy Fargas
Amalani Fukofuka
Sicnarf Loopstok

4 thoughts on “Fun with the names in the 2013 First-Year Player Draft

  1. Sincarf? His parents spelled “Francis” backwards and slapped it on the poor kid? Yeesh. Like he wasn’t going to be made fun of enough in school with the last name “Loopstok,” they decided to double down? Sheesh….

  2. The Red Sox top pick, number 7 overall… Trey Ball… suggests many comments… reminded me of my suggestion of a title for the female ump’s memoir of prejudice: No Balls, Two Strikes.

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