All about 1-0 Games

Saturday was quite a day for shutouts.  There were seven of them, including four by 1-0.  The record for shutouts on a single day is eight (June 4, 1972, when a total of 16 games were played).  The four 1-0 games tied the all-time record for the most in one day (September 18, 1915 which … Read moreAll about 1-0 Games

Players with Full Name Anagrams

We’ve written about the anagram battery of Cosart and Castro. We’ve written about those players whose last names are anagrams for other players. Now we’ll take it one step further, by presenting those players whose first and last names, combined, can be anagrammed into other players’ names. You’ll note that some players have the same … Read morePlayers with Full Name Anagrams

Players with Last Name Anagrams

About 10 days ago, I wrote about the possibility of Jarred Cosart and Jason Castro becoming only the second battery to include anagrammed last names.  This of course opens the door to the question of how many other players in Major League history have  anagram last names “relatives”.

Here are the alphagrams that yield players with anagrammed last names:

AABLS Chet Laabs, Mike Balas
AADGLNR Tom Ragland, Frank Ragland, Yasmani Grandal, Wayne Garland, Lou Garland, Jon Garland
AAGHMR Billy Maharg, Wayne Graham, Tyler Graham, Tiny Graham, Skinny Graham, Skinny Graham, Roy Graham, Peaches Graham, Oscar Graham, Moonlight Graham, Lee Graham, Jack Graham, Dan Graham, Charlie Graham, Bill Graham, Bert Graham, Bernie Graham
AAGHNR Steve Hargan, Aaron Harang
AAGMNR Alex Graman, Mike Garman
AAKT Matt Kata, Jim Kaat
AALMNT Barry Latman, George Altman
AAMOR Ruben Amaro, Ruben Amaro
ABCEKNR Jack Bracken, Studs Bancker
ABDENR Dallas Braden, Marvin Benard, Andy Bednar, Brian Barden
ABDER Ted Beard, Ralph Beard, Ollie Beard, Mike Beard, Dave Beard, King Bader, Art Bader
ABDRY George Darby, Steve Brady, Neal Brady, King Brady, Jim Brady, Doug Brady, Cliff Brady, Brian Brady, Bob Brady, Bill Brady, Spike Brady
ABEGRR Rod Graber, Gene Garber, Bob Garber, Cy Barger
ABELL Zeke Bella, Walter Beall, Johnny Beall, Bob Beall
ABELS Erik Sabel, Tommy Beals, Lee Bales, Harry Ables
ABEM Bob Mabe, T.J. Beam, Ernie Beam, Alex Beam
ABEMR Sid Bream, Erv Brame
ABEMRS Clint Barmes, Bruce Barmes, Chip Ambres
ABEN Joe Bean, Colter Bean, Bill Bean, Belve Bean, Eddie Bane
ABENY Bill Bayne, Dick Baney

Read morePlayers with Last Name Anagrams

Despicable 3-2

A couple of days ago, my Twitter feed was full of the usual silliness . . . this time about movies with slightly changed titles, when this thought popped in my head: dianagram @dianagram I wanna see that animated movie about a grumpy ex-villain with a nasty payoff pitch, “Despicable 3-2” #movies#mlb       … Read moreDespicable 3-2

The VORG’s All-Haiku 1st-Half Review/2nd-Half Preview

With the All-Star Break winding down, its time to step back, take a deep breath and analyze what has happened so far this season.  Of course, the VORG will be doing this in traditional Japanese poetic verse. Red Sox Lackey’s resurgence Offsets absence of Buchholz Will it be enough? Rays Lost their Shields but no … Read moreThe VORG’s All-Haiku 1st-Half Review/2nd-Half Preview

The Anagrammatic Battery

It was just a quiet Friday night.  Jarred Cosart had been called up for his big league debut with the Astros, and then my Twitter feed went nuts: Sam Miller @SamMillerBP holy cow via @suss2hyphens Cosart and his catcher Castro are anagrams Bradley Ankrom @bsankr @SamMillerBP how was @dianagram not on top of this? Chris … Read moreThe Anagrammatic Battery

Nine Is Not Enough

Friend of the VORG Chris Patrick Morgan messaged me the following question Wednesday: “Whats the record for the most INNINGS a team has played in one season. it only came to mind after sitting thru that 16-inning game for the Giants and the Mets the other night, and realizing the Mets must be threatening that … Read moreNine Is Not Enough

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