Players with Full Name Anagrams

We’ve written about the anagram battery of Cosart and Castro.

We’ve written about those players whose last names are anagrams for other players.

Now we’ll take it one step further, by presenting those players whose first and last names, combined, can be anagrammed into other players’ names.

You’ll note that some players have the same exact first name, but anagrammed last names.  A couple of groups consist of “flip-flops” of first and last names (Gorman Thomas and Thomas Gorman, for example).

AABDEEILNRWY Andrew Bailey, Wayne Belardi
AABEEGMNNRS Sean Bergman, Sam Brenegan
AADEHLORRW Howard Earl, Earl Howard
AAEHILLNR Hal Irelan, Hal Lanier
AAGHMMNOORST Thomas Gorman, Gorman Thomas
ABCILLNOWY Bill Conway, Billy Cowan
ABDNNORTY Don Bryant, Tod Brynan
ABEEGLLRRWY Wally Berger, Wally Gerber
ABEEHRRRTY Harry Berte, Ray Herbert
ABEEILLLRY Billy Earle, Bill Earley
ABEGILLLN Bill Lange, Bill Nagel
ABEIJLLMS Jim Asbell, Bill James
ABILLMNOR Bill Moran, Bill Roman
ADEIJLOSV Joel Davis, Jose Vidal
ADEIKMNRTU Martin Duke, Mike Durant
ADGLNNO Don Lang, Dan Long
AEHNORSSY Ron Hassey, Henry Sosa
AGMMNOORT Tom Gorman, Tom Morgan
BBEEILLRRWY Billy Brewer, Billy Werber
BDEIILLRY Billy Reid, Bill Reidy
DEEILLMRR Ed Merrill, Red Miller
EGGGLNOORS Greg Golson, Gregg Olson

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