VORG’s Salute to “Breaking Bad”

Sunday night is the series finale of the Emmy award-winning Breaking Bad.  To honor this landmark series, the VORG is happy to present this list of MLB player names that can be formed entirely from symbols in the Periodic Table.  This should be a fairly complete list . . . we may have missed one or two, we may have included a couple that shouldn’t have qualified . . . there are some cases in which multiple combination of symbols can form the name . . . but there ARE 875 names here!

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VORG Baseball Puzzle #9

Its been a while since we’ve had a baseball crossword puzzle, so here you go.  You can solve this on-line here, or print out the PDF.














1. Slang for baseballs thrown at high speeds
5. Shutouts (abbr.)
8. Begin
13. Came down
14. “Follow me!”
15. Toyota model from the 1990s
16. “The Mod Squad” role
17. Braves rookie pitcher David ____
18. Twins outfielder Oswaldo ____
19. NL leader in RBI this season
22. Husk
23. Biochemistry abbr.
24. Of lesser size
27. Former Padres reliever ___ Meredith
29. Flat-topped cluster of flowers
33. “Butterfield 8” author
34. Massenet opera
36. “Dig in!”
37. “Web gem”, often
40. Rum ___ Tugger (“Cats” cat)
41. Dmitri or Delmon
42. 1954 AL batting champ Bobby _____
43. Level
45. Ryne Sandberg’s middle name
46. Come to light
47. Bean counter, for short
49. Ancient Andean
50. The “Man of Steal”
58. One who puts you in your place
59. ___ Whitcomb, co-founder of MySpace
60. Longtime Tigers 3B Brandon ____
61. Thumbing of the nose
62. Frozen ___ (solid line drive)
63. Cork’s country
64. Expressionless
65. “We Know Drama” cable network
66. Check

1. Feeler
2. Cubs manager with infamous tirade, 4/29/1983
3. Hokkaido native
4. Expos who yielded tape measure homer to Strawberry in Olympic Stadium, Opening Day 1988
5. Aaron ___, 10-0 for Yankees in 2005
6. Set-up man’s stat
7. Single runs
8. 13-time 20-game winner for the Braves
9. Airport area
10. Fungal spore sacs
11. Pirates rookie pitcher Ryan ____
12. Perfectly
14. Group in church robes
20. ___ spoon (cheap cafe)
21. Allen ____, leading MLB in batting avg. with RISP this season
24. Assignments
25. John Cougar Mellencamp album of 1983
26. A Judd
27. Backbone of an animal
28. “Metropolis” writer/director Fritz ____
30. Himalayan legends
31. Twin crystal
32. Phillies rookie pitcher ____ Martin
34. Loyal
35. “Make yourself ___”
38. NBC debut on morning of 1/14/52
39. Birds’ homes
44. Manager for 2003 World Series winners
46. ____ Thornton, Indians slugger of the 70s and 80s
48. Brisk
49. All thumbs
50. ___ Ortiz, led NL with 21 wins in 2003
51. “___ It Romantic?”
52. Leading the Majors in getting hit by pitch this season
53. Jim Ray ____, hit 139 homers for Giants from 1964-68
54. Black, in poetry
55. Agitated state
56. Shrek, e.g.
57. Large semi-evergreen tree of the East Indies


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Weighty Match-up Matters

Friday’s Giants/Yankees game in New York should feature Tim Lincecum versus CC Sabathia.  With Lincecum listed at 170 pounds and Sabathia at 290 (at least on Baseball Reference, with the proviso that these weights aren’t updated very often if at all), there is a 120-pound difference between the opposing hurlers. Sabathia is a part of … Read moreWeighty Match-up Matters

The VORG’s “Friday the 13th” Team

We’re coming up to another “Friday the 13th”, and regardless of how you feel regarding the supposed “unluckiness” of that date, there is a pattern to how/when a “Friday the 13th” shows up on the calendar: Any month that starts on a Sunday contains a Friday the 13th, and there is at least one Friday … Read moreThe VORG’s “Friday the 13th” Team

Miami Unsound RBI Machine

The 2013 Marlins trot out one of the worst offenses seen in many years.  They’ve scored 455 runs in their first 139 games, 69 runs fewer than the next lowest squad (White Sox at 524).  At their current 3.27 runs per game, they’ll tally 530 runs this year.  There’s been only one team to score … Read moreMiami Unsound RBI Machine

Steve Stone and “Sabbathmetrics”

Wednesday night marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, the “Jewish New Year”.  That means its time for another Sabbathmetrics post, in which we look at whether certain Jewish players performed better on worse on the Sabbath. Our focus today is on Steve Stone.  Stone pitched for four MLB teams between 1971 and 1981. In 1980, … Read moreSteve Stone and “Sabbathmetrics”

2013 Pi Young Award – August Update

Only some of the division races are heating up as we enter September, but the battle for the annual “Pi Young Award” is still a tussle. First up . . . the American League/no innings requirement.  The Royals’ off-season acquisition James Shields is right at the magic 3.14, with the Jay’s Neil Wagner and the … Read more2013 Pi Young Award – August Update

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