2013 VORG Rookie of the Year awards

Major League Baseball begins its awards for the 2013 regular season with Monday’s announcement of the respective Rookie of the Year in each league.  Here at the VORG, we have rather unique criteria for our version of the ROY awards.  The winners just have to have done something interesting/quirky.

Over in the National League, Brewers’ reliever Johnny Hellweg had an inauspicious introduction to the Majors, as opposing batters hit .325 off of him, and he allowed 66 baserunners in 30 innings.  He walked 26 while striking out only nine.  But the VORG recognizes Hellweg for his beanpole stature, as he is listed at 6’9″ and a mere 205 pounds.

This makes Hellweg the “thinnest” man at least 6’9″ in height to ever play the game (in terms of absolute weight and BMI):

Name Ht (inches) Weight BMI
Johnny Hellweg 81 205 22.0
Johnny Gee 81 225 24.1
Andrew Brackman 81 230 24.6
Terry Bross 81 234 25.1
Mark Hendrickson 81 240 25.7
Kameron Mickolio 81 255 27.3
Daniel Cabrera 81 260 27.9
Jeff Niemann 81 260 27.9
Randy Johnson 82 225 23.5
Eric Hillman 82 235 24.6
Andrew Sisco 82 270 28.2
Chris Young 82 280 29.3
Jon Rauch 83 290 29.6

[Height/weight taken from the Lahman Baseball Database or, if not available, from Baseball Reference]

It should be noted that the 2013 Brewers also introduced us to the heaviest 5’7″ or shorter player in MLB history in Caleb Gindl. Gindl is listed at 5’7″ and 205, five pounds heavier than 5’7″ Angel Salome, who of course ALSO played for the Brewers, back in 2008.  That 2008 team also featured one Prince Fielder, who at 37.7 has the second-highest BMI in MLB history next to Walter Young‘s 37.9.  So, the BrewCrew has been full of genetic outliers of late.

In the American League, David Adams of the Yankees became the first player in 27 years (and only the fourth ever) to record at least one hit in his Major League debut, with that debut also being his birthday.   Adams celebrated his 26th birthday by going 1-4 against the Mariners on May 15.   Here are the four “birthday/debut with a hit” players:

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