The All-Left (or Right) Side of the Typewriter Roster

Its pretty slow at the Winter Meetings so far, with most of the big deals happening in the days PRIOR to the actual gathering.  So the VORG is passing the time presenting you with the list of players whose names can be typed with only the left or right hand on a standard QWERTY keyboard:

Left Right
Ed Freed Johnny Hopp
Ed Greer Pop Joy
Ted Reed John Kull
Greg Bargar Jon Link
Fred Beebe Johnny Lipon
Greg Garrett Jim Mullin
Dave Rader Jim Ollom
Drew Rader Lou Polli
Red Webb John Poloni
Art Bader John Puhl
Dave Barbee
Red Barrett
Dave Beard
Ted Beard
Dave Drew
Red Faber
Dave Gerard
Fred Graf
Dave Gregg
Steve Reed
Dave Sax
Steve Sax
Ed Seward
Steve Staggs
Dave Veres
Art Weaver
Steve Barber
Steve Barr
Dave Berg
Edwar Cabrera
Edgar Caceres
Greg Cadaret
Steve Carter
Dave Edwards
Steve Farr
Steve Ratzer
Ted Savage
Ace Stewart
Cesar Devarez
Dave Stewart
Fred Waters

How many days until pitchers and catchers?

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