All the Sets of Same-named Players

A few days ago, this tweet flashed across my timeline:

No offense to Pedro A. Martinez, but I wish he’d have gone by a different name so @baseball_ref would automatically pull up the other guy.

As a public service to Jacob and other users of Baseball Reference, the VORG has culled a fairly complete list of all sets of same-named players, as generated from the Lahman Baseball Database.  There have been 506 sets of same-named players in baseball history, totaling 1,098 names.  The most-repeated name is John Sullivan, of which there have been five.

You’ll see the name, their debut, their most frequent position where available and the Baseball Reference ID:

Name Debut Pos bbrefID
Abraham Nunez 8/27/1997 3B nunezab01
Abraham Nunez 9/3/2002 OF nunezab02
Adam Eaton 5/30/2000 P eatonad01
Adam Eaton 9/4/2012 CF eatonad02
Adam Peterson 9/19/1987 P peterad01
Adam Peterson 6/24/2004 P peterad02
Al Martin 5/7/1872 2B martial01
Al Martin 7/28/1992 OF martial03
Al Shaw 6/8/1901 C shawal01
Al Shaw 9/28/1907 OF shawal02
Al Smith 6/18/1926 P smithal02
Al Smith 5/5/1934 P smithal03
Al Smith 7/10/1953 OF smithal04
Alberto Castillo 5/28/1995 C castial01
Alberto Castillo 7/8/2008 P castial02
Alex Gonzalez 4/4/1994 SS gonzaal01
Alex Gonzalez 8/25/1998 SS gonzaal02
Alex Sanchez 5/23/1989 P sanchal02
Alex Sanchez 6/15/2001 OF sanchal03
Andrew Brown 8/13/2006 P brownan01
Andrew Brown 6/12/2011 RF brownan02
Andy Harrington 9/8/1913 P harrian01
Andy Harrington 4/18/1925 #N/A harrian02
Art Johnson 9/18/1927 P johnsar01
Art Johnson 9/22/1940 P johnsar02
Ben Johnson 9/6/1959 P johnsbe01
Ben Johnson 6/26/2005 OF johnsbe02
Ben Taylor 6/28/1912 P taylobe01
Ben Taylor 7/29/1951 1B taylobe02
Bernie Williams 9/7/1970 OF willibe01
Bernie Williams 7/7/1991 OF willibe02
Bill Bailey 9/17/1907 P bailebi01
Bill Bailey 4/21/1911 OF bailebi02
Bill Barrett 7/8/1871 C barrebi01
Bill Barrett 5/13/1921 OF barrebi02
Bill Bishop 9/13/1886 P bishobi01
Bill Bishop 9/15/1921 P bishobi02
Bill Butler 6/29/1884 OF butlebi01
Bill Butler 4/9/1969 P butlebi02
Bill Collins 8/1/1887 C collibi01
Bill Collins 4/14/1910 OF collibi02
Bill Conroy 4/18/1923 3B conrobi01
Bill Conroy 9/21/1935 C conrobi02
Bill Crouch 7/12/1910 P croucbi01
Bill Crouch 5/9/1939 P croucbi02
Bill Cunningham 9/12/1910 2B cunnibi01
Bill Cunningham 7/14/1921 OF cunnibi02
Bill Donovan 4/22/1898 P donovbi01
Bill Donovan 4/19/1942 P donovbi02
Bill Doran 6/23/1922 3B doranbi01
Bill Doran 9/6/1982 2B doranbi02
Bill Evans 8/13/1916 P evansbi01
Bill Evans 4/21/1949 P evansbi02
Bill Gleason 5/2/1882 SS gleasbi01
Bill Gleason 4/24/1890 P gleasbi02
Bill Hall 7/4/1913 P hallbi01
Bill Hall 4/18/1954 C hallbi02
Bill Hall 9/1/2002 3B hallbi03
Bill Hallman 4/23/1888 2B hallmbi01
Bill Hallman 4/25/1901 OF hallmbi02
Bill Harris 4/22/1923 P harribi01
Bill Harris 9/27/1957 P harribi03
Bill Hart 7/26/1886 P hartbi01
Bill Hart 9/18/1943 3B hartbi03
Bill Henry 4/17/1952 P henrybi01
Bill Henry 9/13/1966 P henrybi02
Bill Hughes 9/28/1884 1B hughebi01
Bill Hughes 9/15/1921 P hughebi02
Bill Hunter 5/2/1884 C huntebi01
Bill Hunter 8/6/1912 OF huntebi02
Bill James 6/12/1911 P jamesbi01
Bill James 4/17/1913 P jamesbi02
Bill Johnson 6/27/1884 OF johnsbi01
Bill Johnson 9/22/1916 OF johnsbi02
Bill Johnson 9/6/1983 P johnsbi04
Bill Jones 5/17/1882 C jonesbi01
Bill Jones 6/20/1911 OF jonesbi02
Bill Kelly 5/4/1871 OF kellybi01
Bill Kelly 9/6/1920 1B kellybi03
Bill Kennedy 5/1/1942 P kennebi01
Bill Kennedy 4/26/1948 P kennebi02
Bill Lee 4/29/1934 P leebi02
Bill Lee 6/25/1969 P leebi03
Bill McCarthy 6/5/1905 C mccarbi01
Bill McCarthy 4/21/1906 P mccarbi02
Bill Miller 8/23/1902 OF millebi01
Bill Miller 10/2/1937 P millebi03
Bill Miller 4/20/1952 P millebi04
Bill Moore 4/15/1925 P moorebi01
Bill Moore 9/7/1926 C moorebi02
Bill Moore 7/19/1986 1B moorebi03
Bill Moran 5/7/1892 C moranbi01
Bill Moran 4/12/1974 P moranbi03
Bill Morgan 8/17/1882 C morgabi01
Bill Morgan 8/6/1883 OF morgabi02
Bill Mueller 8/29/1942 OF muellbi01
Bill Mueller 4/18/1996 3B muellbi02
Bill Phillips 5/1/1879 1B phillbi01
Bill Phillips 8/11/1890 P phillbi02
Bill Robinson 8/12/1889 P robinbi01
Bill Robinson 9/20/1966 OF robinbi02
Bill Rodgers 4/15/1915 2B rodgebi01
Bill Rodgers 9/27/1944 OF rodgebi02
Bill Schwartz 5/3/1883 C schwabi01
Bill Schwartz 5/2/1904 1B schwabi02
Bill Smith 4/14/1873 OF smithbi01
Bill Smith 9/17/1884 OF smithbi02
Bill Smith 7/6/1886 P smithbi03
Bill Smith 9/13/1958 P smithbi04
Bill Sullivan 8/9/1878 OF sullibi01
Bill Sullivan 4/19/1890 P sullibi02
Bill Sweeney 6/27/1882 P sweenbi01
Bill Sweeney 6/14/1907 2B sweenbi02
Bill Sweeney 4/13/1928 1B sweenbi03
Bill Swift 4/12/1932 P swiftbi01
Bill Swift 6/7/1985 P swiftbi02
Bill Webb 9/17/1917 2B webbbi01
Bill Webb 5/15/1943 P webbbi02
Bill White 6/21/1879 1B whitebi01
Bill White 5/3/1884 SS whitebi02
Bill White 5/7/1956 1B whitebi03
Bill White 9/5/2007 P whitebi04
Bill Wilson 4/30/1890 C wilsobi01
Bill Wilson 9/24/1950 OF wilsobi02
Bill Wilson 4/8/1969 P wilsobi03
Billy Hamilton 7/31/1888 OF hamilbi01
Billy Hamilton 9/3/2013 CF hamilbi02
Billy Martin 10/6/1914 SS martibi01
Billy Martin 4/18/1950 2B martibi02
Billy Smith 4/13/1975 2B smithbi05
Billy Smith 6/9/1981 P smithbi06
Billy Sullivan 9/13/1899 C sullibi03
Billy Sullivan 6/9/1931 C sullibi04
Billy Taylor 5/21/1881 P taylobi01
Billy Taylor 9/19/1898 3B taylobi02
Billy Taylor 4/5/1994 P taylobi04
Billy Williams 8/6/1959 OF willibi01
Billy Williams 8/15/1969 OF willibi02
Bob Adams 9/22/1925 P adamsbo01
Bob Adams 9/27/1931 P adamsbo02
Bob Adams 7/10/1977 1B adamsbo04
Bob Allen 4/19/1890 SS allenbo01
Bob Allen 8/20/1919 OF allenbo02
Bob Allen 9/19/1937 P allenbo03
Bob Allen 4/14/1961 P allenbo04
Bob Barr 6/23/1883 P barrbo01
Bob Barr 9/11/1935 P barrbo02
Bob Bowman 4/21/1939 P bowmabo01
Bob Bowman 4/16/1955 OF bowmabo02
Bob Clark 4/17/1886 C clarkbo01
Bob Clark 5/26/1920 P clarkbo03
Bob Davis 7/26/1958 P davisbo01
Bob Davis 4/6/1973 C davisbo02
Bob Ferguson 5/18/1871 3B fergubo01
Bob Ferguson 4/29/1944 P fergubo02
Bob Gibson 4/15/1959 P gibsobo01
Bob Gibson 4/13/1983 P gibsobo02
Bob Hall 4/18/1904 OF hallbo01
Bob Hall 4/23/1949 P hallbo02
Bob Johnson 4/12/1933 OF johnsbo01
Bob Johnson 4/19/1960 SS johnsbo02
Bob Johnson 9/19/1969 P johnsbo03
Bob Johnson 9/1/1981 C johnsbo04
Bob Jones 4/11/1917 3B jonesbo01
Bob Jones 10/1/1974 OF jonesbo02
Bob Malloy 5/4/1943 P mallobo01
Bob Malloy 5/26/1987 P mallobo02
Bob Miller 8/30/1890 P millebo01
Bob Miller 9/16/1949 P millebo02
Bob Miller 6/25/1953 P millebo03
Bob Miller 6/26/1957 P millebo04
Bob Sadowski 9/16/1960 3B sadowbo01
Bob Sadowski 6/19/1963 P sadowbo02
Bob Smith 4/19/1913 P smithbo01
Bob Smith 4/19/1923 P smithbo02
Bob Smith 4/29/1955 P smithbo03
Bob Smith 4/22/1958 P smithbo05
Bob Thorpe 4/19/1951 OF thorpbo01
Bob Thorpe 4/17/1955 P thorpbo02
Bobby Brown 9/22/1946 3B brownbo03
Bobby Brown 4/5/1979 OF brownbo04
Bobby Estalella 9/7/1935 OF estalbo01
Bobby Estalella 9/17/1996 C estalbo02
Bobby Jones 8/14/1993 P jonesbo03
Bobby Jones 5/18/1997 P jonesbo04
Bobby Mitchell 9/6/1877 P mitchbo01
Bobby Mitchell 7/5/1970 OF mitchbo02
Bobby Mitchell 9/1/1980 OF mitchbo03
Bobby Moore 9/11/1985 P moorebo01
Bobby Moore 9/5/1991 OF moorebo02
Brad Mills 6/8/1980 3B millsbr01
Brad Mills 6/18/2009 P millsbr02
Brian Giles 9/12/1981 2B gilesbr01
Brian Giles 9/16/1995 OF gilesbr02
Brian Hunter 5/31/1991 1B huntebr01
Brian Hunter 6/27/1994 OF huntebr02
Buck Freeman 6/27/1891 OF freembu01
Buck Freeman 4/13/1921 P freembu02
Bud Black 9/13/1952 P blackbu01
Bud Black 9/5/1981 P blackbu02
Bud Thomas 9/13/1932 P thomabu01
Bud Thomas 9/2/1951 SS thomabu02
Bunny Hearn 9/17/1910 P hearnbu01
Bunny Hearn 4/13/1926 P hearnbu02
Carlos Diaz 6/30/1982 P diazca01
Carlos Diaz 5/8/1990 C diazca02
Carlos Hernandez 4/20/1990 C hernaca01
Carlos Hernandez 5/26/1999 2B hernaca02
Carlos Hernandez 8/18/2001 P hernaca03
Carlos Maldonado 9/16/1990 P maldoca02
Carlos Maldonado 9/8/2006 C maldoca03
Carlos Martinez 9/2/1988 1B martica02
Carlos Martinez 4/3/2006 P martica03
Carlos Martinez 5/3/2013 P martica04
Cesar Hernandez 7/19/1992 OF hernace01
Cesar Hernandez 5/29/2013 CF hernace02
Charles Fisher 6/7/1884 3B fishech02
Charles Fisher 6/15/1889 OF fishech03
Charlie Beamon 9/26/1956 P beamoch01
Charlie Beamon 9/11/1978 DH beamoch02
Charlie Berry 4/30/1884 2B berrych01
Charlie Berry 6/15/1925 C berrych02
Charlie Ferguson 5/1/1884 P ferguch01
Charlie Ferguson 9/20/1901 P ferguch02
Charlie Gibson 9/23/1905 C gibsoch01
Charlie Gibson 5/30/1924 C gibsoch02
Charlie Householder 5/2/1882 3B housech01
Charlie Householder 4/20/1884 1B housech02
Charlie Jones 6/28/1884 2B jonesch02
Charlie Jones 5/2/1901 OF jonesch03
Charlie Miller 6/29/1912 SS millech01
Charlie Miller 10/2/1915 #N/A millech03
Charlie Morton 5/2/1882 OF mortoch01
Charlie Morton 6/14/2008 P mortoch02
Charlie Reynolds 5/18/1882 P reynoch01
Charlie Reynolds 5/8/1889 C reynoch02
Charlie Smith 5/18/1871 3B smithch01
Charlie Smith 8/6/1902 P smithch02
Chet Nichols 7/30/1926 P nichoch01
Chet Nichols 4/19/1951 P nichoch02
Chick Autry 9/18/1907 1B autrych01
Chick Autry 4/20/1924 C autrych02
Chico Fernandez 7/14/1956 SS fernach01
Chico Fernandez 4/20/1968 SS fernach02
Chico Ruiz 4/13/1964 2B ruizch01
Chico Ruiz 7/29/1978 3B ruizch02
Chris Carpenter 5/12/1997 P carpech01
Chris Carpenter 6/14/2011 P carpech02
Chris Carter 6/5/2008 OF cartech01
Chris Carter 8/9/2010 1B cartech02
Chris George 10/1/1991 P georgch01
Chris George 7/26/2001 P georgch02
Chris Hatcher 9/6/1998 LF hatchch01
Chris Hatcher 9/19/2010 P hatchch02
Chris Howard 9/15/1991 C howarch01
Chris Howard 9/21/1993 P howarch02
Chris Jones 6/8/1985 OF jonesch04
Chris Jones 4/21/1991 OF jonesch05
Chris Smith 5/14/1981 1B smithch05
Chris Smith 6/21/2008 #N/A smithch08
Chris Young 8/24/2004 P youngch03
Chris Young 8/18/2006 CF youngch04
Cliff Lee 5/15/1919 OF leecl01
Cliff Lee 9/15/2002 P leecl02
Cozy Dolan 4/26/1895 OF dolanco01
Cozy Dolan 8/15/1909 OF dolanco02
Craig Wilson 9/6/1989 3B wilsocr01
Craig Wilson 9/5/1998 3B wilsocr02
Craig Wilson 4/22/2001 OF wilsocr03
Cy Morgan 9/18/1903 P morgacy01
Cy Morgan 6/8/1921 P morgacy02
Dan Meyer 9/14/1974 1B meyerda01
Dan Meyer 9/14/2004 P meyerda02
Dan Smith 9/12/1992 P smithda05
Dan Smith 6/8/1999 #N/A smithda07
Danny Garcia 4/26/1981 OF garcida02
Danny Garcia 9/2/2003 2B garcida03
Danny Murphy 4/26/1892 C murphda01
Danny Murphy 9/17/1900 2B murphda02
Danny Murphy 6/18/1960 P murphda04
Darby O’Brien 4/16/1887 #N/A o’brida01
Darby O’Brien 6/23/1888 #N/A o’brida02
Dave Anderson 8/24/1889 P anderda01
Dave Anderson 5/8/1983 SS anderda02
Dave Campbell 9/17/1967 2B campbda01
Dave Campbell 5/6/1977 P campbda02
Dave Johnson 7/2/1974 P johnsda03
Dave Johnson 5/29/1987 P johnsda04
Dave Roberts 9/5/1962 1B roberda03
Dave Roberts 7/6/1969 P roberda05
Dave Roberts 6/7/1972 3B roberda06
Dave Roberts 8/7/1999 OF roberda07
Dave Schmidt 5/1/1981 P schmida01
Dave Schmidt 4/28/1981 C schmida02
Dave Smith 6/16/1938 P smithda01
Dave Smith 4/11/1980 P smithda02
Dave Smith 9/18/1984 P smithda03
Dave Stapleton 5/30/1980 1B staplda01
Dave Stapleton 9/14/1987 P staplda02
Dave Williams 7/2/1902 P willida02
Dave Williams 6/6/2001 P willida07
David Carpenter 6/30/2011 P carpeda01
David Carpenter 4/13/2012 P carpeda02
Deacon Jones 9/23/1916 P jonesde01
Deacon Jones 9/8/1962 1B jonesde02
Del Young 9/24/1909 OF youngde01
Del Young 4/19/1937 SS youngde02
Denny Sullivan 8/25/1879 3B sullide01
Denny Sullivan 4/22/1905 OF sullide02
Dick Egan 9/15/1908 2B egandi01
Dick Egan 4/9/1963 P egandi02
Dick Harley 6/2/1897 OF harledi01
Dick Harley 4/15/1905 P harledi02
Dick Schofield 7/3/1953 SS schofdi01
Dick Schofield 9/8/1983 SS schofdi02
Dick Scott 6/26/1901 P scottdi01
Dick Scott 5/8/1963 P scottdi02
Dick Scott 5/19/1989 SS scottdi03
Dick Smith 9/14/1951 3B smithdi01
Dick Smith 7/20/1963 OF smithdi02
Dick Smith 8/20/1969 LF smithdi03
Dixie Howell 9/14/1940 P howeldi01
Dixie Howell 5/6/1947 C howeldi02
Dixie Walker 9/17/1909 P walkedi01
Dixie Walker 4/28/1931 OF walkedi02
Doc Marshall 4/15/1904 C marshdo01
Doc Marshall 9/28/1929 SS marshdo02
Dolly Gray 4/13/1909 P graydo01
Dolly Gray 4/19/1924 #N/A graysa01
Don Johnson 9/26/1943 2B johnsdo02
Don Johnson 4/20/1947 P johnsdo03
Don Leppert 4/11/1955 2B leppedo01
Don Leppert 6/18/1961 C leppedo02
Don Williams 9/12/1958 P willido01
Don Williams 8/4/1963 P willido02
Doug Davis 7/8/1988 C davisdo01
Doug Davis 8/9/1999 P davisdo02
Ducky Holmes 8/8/1895 OF holmedu01
Ducky Holmes 4/18/1906 C holmedu02
Dusty Miller 9/23/1889 OF milledu01
Dusty Miller 4/17/1902 OF milledu02
Dutch Leonard 4/12/1913 P leonadu01
Dutch Leonard 8/31/1933 P leonadu02
Earl Averill 4/16/1929 OF averiea01
Earl Averill 4/19/1956 C averiea02
Earl Smith 9/10/1916 OF smithea01
Earl Smith 4/24/1919 C smithea02
Earl Smith 4/14/1955 CF smithea03
Earl Williams 5/27/1928 C williea01
Earl Williams 9/13/1970 C williea02
Earle Brucker 4/19/1937 C bruckea01
Earle Brucker 10/2/1948 C bruckea02
Ed Connolly 9/20/1929 C connoed01
Ed Connolly 4/19/1964 P connoed02
Ed Donnelly 9/19/1911 P donneed01
Ed Donnelly 8/1/1959 P donneed02
Ed Glenn 8/5/1884 OF glenned01
Ed Glenn 9/7/1898 SS glenned02
Ed Kennedy 5/1/1883 OF kenneed01
Ed Kennedy 5/17/1884 3B kenneed02
Ed Mayer 4/19/1890 3B mayered01
Ed Mayer 9/15/1957 P mayered02
Ed Miller 7/18/1884 OF milleed01
Ed Miller 9/18/1912 1B milleed02
Ed Morris 5/1/1884 P morried01
Ed Morris 8/5/1922 P morried02
Ed Murphy 4/23/1898 P murphed01
Ed Murphy 9/10/1942 1B murphed03
Ed Smith 4/27/1906 P smithed03
Ed Smith 4/18/1884 P smithed05
Ed Sprague 4/10/1968 P spraged01
Ed Sprague 5/8/1991 3B spraged02
Ed Taylor 8/8/1903 P tayloed01
Ed Taylor 4/14/1926 3B tayloed02
Ed Walsh 5/7/1904 P walshed01
Ed Walsh 7/4/1928 P walshed02
Ed Wheeler 5/10/1902 3B wheeled01
Ed Wheeler 4/19/1945 3B wheeled02
Eddie Collins 9/17/1906 2B collied01
Eddie Collins 7/4/1939 OF collied02
Eddie Miller 9/9/1936 SS milleed03
Eddie Miller 9/5/1977 OF milleed04
Eddie Phillips 5/4/1924 C philled01
Eddie Phillips 9/10/1953 #N/A philled02
Eddy Rodriguez 5/31/2004 P rodried03
Eddy Rodriguez 8/2/2012 C rodried04
Edgar Gonzalez 6/1/2003 P gonzaed01
Edgar Gonzalez 5/12/2008 2B gonzaed02
Elmer Miller 4/26/1912 OF milleel01
Elmer Miller 6/21/1929 P milleel02
Elmer Smith 9/10/1886 OF smithel01
Elmer Smith 9/20/1914 OF smithel02
Erasmo Ramirez 4/30/2003 P ramirer01
Erasmo Ramirez 4/9/2012 P ramirer02
Eric Young 7/30/1992 2B younger01
Eric Young 8/25/2009 LF younger03
Erik Johnson 7/8/1993 2B johnser03
Erik Johnson 9/4/2013 P johnser04
Ernie Johnson 8/5/1912 SS johnser01
Ernie Johnson 4/28/1950 P johnser02
Fernando Hernandez 4/3/1997 P hernafe01
Fernando Hernandez 4/9/2008 P hernafe03
Francisco Rodriguez 9/18/2002 P rodrifr03
Francisco Rodriguez 4/15/2010 P rodrifr04
Frank Baker 9/21/1908 3B bakerfr01
Frank Baker 7/27/1969 OF bakerfr02
Frank Baker 8/9/1970 SS bakerfr03
Frank Barnes 4/18/1929 P barnefr01
Frank Barnes 9/22/1957 P barnefr02
Frank Pearce 10/4/1876 P pearcfr01
Frank Pearce 4/20/1933 P pearcfr02
Frank Quinn 8/9/1899 OF quinnfr01
Frank Quinn 5/29/1949 P quinnfr02
Frank Smith 8/6/1884 C smithfr01
Frank Smith 4/22/1904 P smithfr03
Frank Smith 4/18/1950 P smithfr06
Frank Thomas 8/17/1951 OF thomafr03
Frank Thomas 8/2/1990 DH thomafr04
Frank Thompson 9/11/1875 OF thompfr01
Frank Thompson 5/6/1920 3B thompfr02
Fred Chapman 7/22/1887 P chapmfr01
Fred Chapman 9/15/1939 SS chapmfr02
Fred Lewis 7/2/1881 OF lewisfr01
Fred Lewis 9/1/2006 OF lewisfr02
Fred Rath 9/10/1968 P rathfr01
Fred Rath 7/29/1998 P rathfr02
Fred Smith 4/18/1890 P smithfr02
Fred Smith 6/14/1907 P smithfr04
Fred Smith 4/17/1913 3B smithfr05
Fred Tenney 4/28/1884 OF tennefr01
Fred Tenney 6/16/1894 1B tennefr02
Freddy Garcia 5/2/1995 3B garcifr01
Freddy Garcia 4/7/1999 #N/A garcifr03
Gary Cooper 8/25/1980 OF coopega01
Gary Cooper 9/15/1991 3B coopega02
Gary Matthews 9/6/1972 OF matthga01
Gary Matthews 6/4/1999 OF matthga02
Gary Wilson 9/27/1902 2B wilsoga01
Gary Wilson 4/13/1979 P wilsoga02
Gary Wilson 4/28/1995 P wilsoga03
Gene Ford 5/5/1905 P fordge01
Gene Ford 6/17/1936 P fordge02
Gene Moore 9/28/1909 P moorege02
Gene Moore 9/19/1931 OF moorege03
George Bell 4/17/1907 P bellge01
George Bell 4/9/1981 OF bellge02
George Bradley 5/4/1875 P bradlge01
George Bradley 4/28/1946 OF bradlge02
George Burns 10/3/1911 OF burnsge01
George Burns 4/14/1914 1B burnsge02
George Davis 4/19/1890 SS davisge01
George Davis 7/16/1912 P davisge02
George Harper 7/11/1894 P harpege01
George Harper 4/15/1916 OF harpege02
George Scott 9/13/1920 P scottge01
George Scott 4/12/1966 1B scottge02
George Smith 8/9/1916 P smithge02
George Smith 4/21/1926 P smithge03
George Smith 8/4/1963 2B smithge04
George Stone 4/20/1903 OF stonege01
George Stone 9/15/1967 P stonege02
George Susce 4/23/1929 C suscege01
George Susce 4/15/1955 P suscege02
George Wheeler 9/18/1896 P wheelge01
George Wheeler 7/27/1910 #N/A wheelge02
George Williams 7/16/1961 2B willige01
George Williams 7/14/1995 C willige03
George Wright 5/5/1871 SS wrighge01
George Wright 4/10/1982 OF wrighge03
Glenn Liebhardt 10/2/1906 P liebhgl01
Glenn Liebhardt 4/22/1930 P liebhgl02
Greg Harris 5/20/1981 P harrigr01
Greg Harris 9/14/1988 P harrigr02
Greg Smith 9/2/1989 2B smithgr01
Greg Smith 4/9/2008 P smithgr02
Gus Williams 4/18/1890 P willigu01
Gus Williams 4/12/1911 OF willigu02
Guy Morton 6/20/1914 P mortogu01
Guy Morton 9/17/1954 #N/A mortogu02
Hack Miller 9/22/1916 OF milleha01
Hack Miller 4/18/1944 C milleha02
Hal Smith 9/14/1932 P smithha07
Hal Smith 4/11/1955 C smithha08
Hal Smith 5/2/1956 C smithha09
Hal Trosky 9/11/1933 1B troskha01
Hal Trosky 9/25/1958 P troskha02
Harl Maggert 9/4/1907 OF maggeha01
Harl Maggert 4/19/1938 OF maggeha02
Harry Davis 9/21/1895 1B davisha01
Harry Davis 4/13/1932 1B davisha02
Harry O’Neill 9/15/1922 #N/A o’neiha01
Harry O’Neill 7/23/1939 #N/A o’neiha02
Harry Smith 5/8/1877 2B smithha01
Harry Smith 7/11/1901 C smithha03
Harry Smith 10/6/1912 P smithha05
Harry Smith 9/21/1914 C smithha06
Harry Taylor 4/18/1890 1B tayloha01
Harry Taylor 4/14/1932 1B tayloha02
Harry Taylor 9/22/1946 P tayloha03
Harry Taylor 9/17/1957 P tayloha05
Heinie Mueller 9/25/1920 OF muellhe01
Heinie Mueller 4/19/1938 2B muellhe02
Henry Jones 8/20/1884 2B joneshe01
Henry Jones 4/22/1890 P joneshe02
Henry Rodriguez 7/5/1992 OF rodrihe02
Henry Rodriguez 9/21/2009 P rodrihe03
Henry Rodriguez 9/2/2012 2B rodrihe04
Howard Berry 9/4/1902 C berryjo01
Howard Berry 7/18/1921 2B berryjo02
Ike Davis 4/23/1919 SS davisik01
Ike Davis 4/19/2010 1B davisik02
Jack Boyle 10/8/1886 C boyleja01
Jack Boyle 6/28/1912 3B boyleja02
Jack Burns 9/11/1903 2B burnsja01
Jack Burns 9/17/1930 1B burnsja02
Jack Farrell 10/27/1874 OF farreja01
Jack Farrell 5/1/1879 2B farreja02
Jack Farrell 4/16/1914 2B farreja03
Jack Hardy 8/29/1903 C hardyja01
Jack Hardy 5/23/1989 P hardyja02
Jack Harper 9/18/1899 P harpeja01
Jack Harper 4/17/1915 P harpeja02
Jack O’Brien 5/2/1882 #N/A o’brija01
Jack O’Brien 4/14/1899 #N/A o’brija02
Jack O’Connor 4/20/1887 #N/A o’conja01
Jack O’Connor 4/9/1981 #N/A o’conja02
Jack Phillips 7/13/1945 P phillja01
Jack Phillips 8/22/1947 1B phillja02
Jack Powell 6/23/1897 P powelja01
Jack Powell 6/14/1913 P powelja02
Jack Robinson 9/6/1902 C robinja01
Jack Robinson 5/4/1949 P robinja03
Jack Ryan 9/2/1889 C ryanja01
Jack Ryan 7/2/1908 P ryanja02
Jack Ryan 6/18/1929 OF ryanja03
Jack Sanford 8/24/1940 1B sanfoja01
Jack Sanford 9/16/1956 P sanfoja02
Jack Smith 5/18/1912 3B smithja02
Jack Smith 9/30/1915 OF smithja03
Jack Smith 9/10/1962 P smithja04
Jack Taylor 9/16/1891 P tayloja01
Jack Taylor 9/25/1898 P tayloja02
Jack Warner 9/24/1925 3B warneja01
Jack Warner 4/10/1962 P warneja02
Jack White 6/26/1904 OF whiteja01
Jack White 6/22/1927 2B whiteja02
Jack Wilson 9/9/1934 P wilsoja01
Jack Wilson 4/3/2001 SS wilsoja02
Jackie Hayes 5/2/1882 C hayesja01
Jackie Hayes 8/5/1927 2B hayesja02
Jake Miller 7/16/1922 OF milleja01
Jake Miller 9/11/1924 P milleja02
Jason Phillips 4/5/1999 P phillja03
Jason Phillips 9/19/2001 C phillja04
Jason Thompson 4/23/1976 1B thompja01
Jason Thompson 6/9/1996 1B thompja02
Jeff D’Amico 6/28/1996 #N/A d’amije01
Jeff D’Amico 6/3/2000 #N/A d’amije02
Jeff Gray 6/21/1988 P grayje01
Jeff Gray 9/8/2008 P grayje02
Jeff Jones 4/10/1980 P jonesje01
Jeff Jones 4/4/1983 OF jonesje02
Jeff Richardson 7/14/1989 SS richaje01
Jeff Richardson 9/19/1990 P richaje02
Jeff Robinson 4/7/1984 P robinje01
Jeff Robinson 4/12/1987 P robinje02
Jerry Dorsey 7/9/1884 OF dorseje01
Jerry Dorsey 9/23/1911 OF dorseje02
Jerry Hairston 7/26/1973 OF hairsje01
Jerry Hairston 9/11/1998 2B hairsje02
Jerry Hurley 5/1/1889 C hurleje01
Jerry Hurley 9/23/1901 C hurleje02
Jesse Baker 4/23/1911 P bakerje01
Jesse Baker 9/14/1919 SS bakerje02
Jim Adduci 9/12/1983 OF adducji01
Jim Adduci 9/1/2013 LF adducji02
Jim Bagby 4/22/1912 P bagbyji01
Jim Bagby 4/18/1938 P bagbyji02
Jim Brown 4/17/1884 P brownji01
Jim Brown 9/13/1915 OF brownji02
Jim Campbell 7/17/1962 C campbji01
Jim Campbell 4/11/1970 #N/A campbji02
Jim Campbell 8/21/1990 P campbji03
Jim Clark 9/2/1911 OF clarkji01
Jim Clark 8/17/1948 3B clarkji02
Jim Clark 7/16/1971 OF clarkji03
Jim Devlin 4/21/1873 P devliji01
Jim Devlin 6/28/1886 P devliji02
Jim Devlin 4/27/1944 C devliji03
Jim Donnelly 7/11/1884 3B donneji01
Jim Donnelly 7/11/1884 3B donneji02
Jim Hickman 9/17/1915 OF hickmji01
Jim Hickman 4/14/1962 OF hickmji02
Jim Hughes 9/13/1952 P hugheji02
Jim Hughes 9/14/1974 P hugheji03
Jim Johnson 4/13/1970 P johnsji03
Jim Johnson 7/29/2006 P johnsji04
Jim Lewis 9/12/1979 P lewisji01
Jim Lewis 8/9/1991 P lewisji02
Jim Manning 5/16/1884 OF manniji01
Jim Manning 4/15/1962 P manniji02
Jim McCormick 5/20/1878 P mccorji01
Jim McCormick 9/10/1892 2B mccorji02
Jim McDonald 6/20/1884 3B mcdonji01
Jim McDonald 6/2/1902 OF mcdonji02
Jim McDonald 7/27/1950 P mcdonji04
Jim McLaughlin 5/30/1884 OF mclauji01
Jim McLaughlin 4/18/1932 3B mclauji02
Jim Miller 9/9/1901 2B milleji01
Jim Miller 9/1/2008 P milleji02
Jim Murray 9/2/1902 OF murraji01
Jim Murray 7/3/1922 P murraji02
Jim Poole 4/14/1925 1B pooleji01
Jim Poole 6/15/1990 P pooleji02
Jim Riley 8/2/1910 OF rileyji01
Jim Riley 7/3/1921 2B rileyji02
Jim Scott 4/25/1909 P scottji01
Jim Scott 4/22/1914 SS scottji02
Jim Snyder 5/7/1872 SS snydeji01
Jim Snyder 9/15/1961 2B snydeji02
Jim Sullivan 4/22/1891 P sulliji01
Jim Sullivan 9/27/1921 P sulliji02
Jim Walkup 4/30/1927 P walkuji01
Jim Walkup 9/22/1934 P walkuji02
Jim Weaver 8/27/1928 P weaveji01
Jim Weaver 8/13/1967 P weaveji02
Jim Weaver 4/10/1985 OF weaveji03
Jim Wilson 4/18/1945 P wilsoji02
Jim Wilson 9/13/1985 DH wilsoji03
Jim Wright 9/14/1927 P wrighji01
Jim Wright 4/15/1978 P wrighji02
Jim Wright 4/22/1981 P wrighji03
Jimmy Cooney 4/19/1890 SS cooneji01
Jimmy Cooney 9/22/1917 SS cooneji02
Jimmy Walsh 4/25/1910 3B walshji01
Jimmy Walsh 8/26/1912 OF walshji02
Joe Brown 8/16/1884 P brownjo01
Joe Brown 5/17/1927 P brownjo03
Joe Burns 6/19/1910 OF burnsjo01
Joe Burns 4/18/1924 C burnsjo02
Joe Burns 4/24/1943 3B burnsjo03
Joe Coleman 9/19/1942 P colemjo04
Joe Coleman 9/28/1965 P colemjo05
Joe Connolly 4/10/1913 OF connojo04
Joe Connolly 10/1/1921 OF connojo05
Joe Harris 9/22/1905 P harrijo02
Joe Harris 6/9/1914 1B harrijo03
Joe Kelly 4/14/1914 OF kellyjo03
Joe Kelly 4/13/1926 OF kellyjo04
Joe Kelly 6/10/2012 P kellyjo05
Joe Martin 4/28/1903 OF martijo01
Joe Martin 4/27/1936 3B martijo03
Joe Miller 6/26/1872 2B millejo01
Joe Miller 5/1/1884 SS millejo02
Joe Morgan 4/14/1959 3B morgajo01
Joe Morgan 9/21/1963 2B morgajo02
Joe Price 9/5/1928 OF pricejo01
Joe Price 6/14/1980 P pricejo02
Joe Quinn 9/7/1881 C quinnjo01
Joe Quinn 4/26/1884 2B quinnjo02
Joe Schultz 9/28/1912 OF schuljo03
Joe Schultz 9/27/1939 C schuljo05
Joe Smith 7/7/1913 C smithjo03
Joe Smith 4/1/2007 P smithjo05
Joe Stanley 4/24/1884 OF stanljo01
Joe Stanley 9/11/1897 OF stanljo02
Joe Sullivan 4/27/1893 SS sullijo01
Joe Sullivan 4/20/1935 P sullijo05
Joe Walsh 9/3/1891 2B walshjo01
Joe Walsh 10/8/1910 C walshjo03
Joe Walsh 7/1/1938 SS walshjo04
Joe Wood 8/24/1908 OF woodjo02
Joe Wood 5/2/1943 2B woodjo03
Joe Wood 5/1/1944 P woodjo04
John Anderson 9/8/1894 OF anderjo01
John Anderson 8/17/1958 P anderjo02
John Burke 6/27/1902 OF burkejo02
John Burke 8/13/1996 P burkejo04
John Coleman 5/1/1883 OF colemjo01
John Coleman 6/23/1890 P colemjo02
John Coleman 9/25/1895 P colemjo03
John Davis 9/9/1941 3B davisjo01
John Davis 7/24/1987 P davisjo04
John Doherty 6/1/1974 1B doherjo01
John Doherty 4/8/1992 P doherjo02
John Farrell 4/26/1901 2B farrejo02
John Farrell 8/18/1987 P farrejo03
John Fitzgerald 4/18/1890 P fitzgjo02
John Fitzgerald 7/18/1891 P fitzgjo03
John Fitzgerald 9/28/1958 #N/A fitzgjo04
John Glenn 5/13/1871 OF glennjo01
John Glenn 6/16/1960 OF glennjo03
John Henry 8/13/1884 OF henryjo01
John Henry 7/8/1910 C henryjo02
John Kane 4/11/1907 OF kanejo01
John Kane 9/3/1925 SS kanejo02
John Kelly 6/7/1879 C kellyjo01
John Kelly 4/11/1907 OF kellyjo02
John Kennedy 4/22/1957 SS kennejo02
John Kennedy 9/5/1962 3B kennejo03
John Mayberry 9/10/1968 1B maybejo01
John Mayberry 5/23/2009 CF maybejo02
John McDonald 9/3/1907 P mcdonjo01
John McDonald 7/4/1999 SS mcdonjo03
John McGraw 8/26/1891 3B mcgrajo01
John McGraw 7/29/1914 P mcgrajo02
John Miller 9/22/1962 P millejo03
John Miller 9/11/1966 LF millejo04
John Morris 7/19/1966 P morrijo06
John Morris 8/5/1986 OF morrijo07
John Murphy 4/17/1884 P murphjo01
John Murphy 9/10/1902 SS murphjo03
John O’Brien 4/19/1884 #N/A o’brijo01
John O’Brien 4/22/1891 #N/A o’brijo02
John O’Connell 8/22/1891 #N/A o’conjo01
John O’Connell 8/16/1928 #N/A o’conjo03
John O’Donoghue 9/29/1963 #N/A o’donjo02
John O’Donoghue 6/27/1993 #N/A o’donjo03
John Patterson 4/6/1992 2B pattejo01
John Patterson 7/20/2002 P pattejo02
John Peters 5/23/1874 SS peterjo01
John Peters 5/1/1915 C peterjo02
John Russell 7/4/1917 P russejo01
John Russell 6/22/1984 C russejo02
John Smith 4/14/1873 SS smithjo01
John Smith 5/1/1882 1B smithjo02
John Smith 9/17/1931 1B smithjo04
John Sullivan 4/19/1905 C sullijo02
John Sullivan 7/18/1919 P sullijo03
John Sullivan 4/18/1920 OF sullijo04
John Sullivan 6/7/1942 SS sullijo06
John Sullivan 9/20/1963 C sullijo07
John Ward 7/15/1878 SS wardjo01
John Ward 5/23/1884 OF wardjo02
John Wilson 6/11/1913 P wilsojo01
John Wilson 5/9/1927 P wilsojo02
Johnny Tobin 9/22/1932 #N/A tobinjo01
Johnny Tobin 4/20/1945 3B tobinjo02
Jose Alvarez 10/1/1981 P alvarjo01
Jose Alvarez 6/9/2013 P alvarjo02
Jose Bautista 4/9/1988 P bautijo01
Jose Bautista 4/4/2004 RF bautijo02
Jose Cruz 9/19/1970 OF cruzjo01
Jose Cruz 5/31/1997 OF cruzjo02
Jose Fernandez 7/3/1999 3B fernajo01
Jose Fernandez 4/7/2013 P fernajo02
Jose Herrera 6/3/1967 OF herrejo01
Jose Herrera 8/12/1995 OF herrejo02
Jose Martinez 6/18/1969 2B martijo04
Jose Martinez 5/10/1994 P martijo06
Jose Morales 8/13/1973 DH moraljo01
Jose Morales 9/8/2007 C moraljo02
Jose Ortiz 9/4/1969 OF ortizjo01
Jose Ortiz 9/15/2000 #N/A ortizjo04
Jose Reyes 6/10/2003 SS reyesjo01
Jose Reyes 9/13/2006 C reyesjo02
Jose Rodriguez 10/5/1916 2B rodrijo01
Jose Rodriguez 5/18/2000 #N/A rodrijo04
Jose Santiago 4/17/1954 P santijo01
Jose Santiago 9/9/1963 P santijo02
Jose Santiago 6/7/1997 P santijo03
Josh Billings 9/9/1913 C billijo01
Josh Billings 8/17/1927 P billijo02
Josh Fields 9/13/2006 3B fieldjo02
Josh Fields 4/2/2013 P fieldjo03
Juan Castillo 4/12/1986 2B castiju01
Juan Castillo 7/26/1994 P castiju02
Juan Diaz 6/12/2002 1B diazju01
Juan Diaz 5/25/2012 SS diazju02
Juan Perez 9/7/2006 P perezju01
Juan Perez 6/9/2013 CF perezju02
Julio Gonzalez 8/9/1949 P gonzaju01
Julio Gonzalez 4/8/1977 2B gonzaju02
Keith Miller 6/16/1987 2B milleke01
Keith Miller 4/23/1988 OF milleke02
Keith Smith 8/2/1977 OF smithke01
Keith Smith 4/12/1984 SS smithke03
Ken Griffey 8/25/1973 OF griffke01
Ken Griffey 4/3/1989 OF griffke02
Ken Hunt 9/10/1959 OF huntke01
Ken Hunt 4/16/1961 P huntke02
Ken Johnson 9/18/1947 P johnske01
Ken Johnson 9/13/1958 P johnske02
Kevin Brown 9/30/1986 P brownke01
Kevin Brown 7/27/1990 P brownke03
Kevin Brown 9/12/1996 C brownke04
Kid Butler 5/20/1884 OF butleki01
Kid Butler 4/30/1907 2B butleki02
Lee King 6/24/1916 OF kingle01
Lee King 9/20/1916 OF kingle02
Len Gabrielson 4/21/1939 1B gabrile01
Len Gabrielson 9/9/1960 OF gabrile02
Lew Krausse 6/11/1931 P krausle01
Lew Krausse 6/16/1961 P krausle02
Luis de los Santos 9/7/1988 1B deloslu01
Luis de los Santos 7/20/2002 P deloslu02
Luis Garcia 4/5/1999 SS garcilu01
Luis Garcia 4/10/2002 OF garcilu02
Luis Garcia 7/10/2013 P garcilu03
Luis Jimenez 9/4/2012 #N/A jimenlu01
Luis Jimenez 4/12/2013 3B jimenlu02
Luis Lopez 9/14/1990 C lopezlu01
Luis Lopez 9/7/1993 SS lopezlu02
Luis Lopez 4/29/2001 3B lopezlu03
Luis Martinez 9/3/2003 P martilu01
Luis Martinez 7/15/2011 C martilu02
Luis Rivera 8/3/1986 SS riverlu01
Luis Rivera 4/4/2000 P riverlu02
Mark Corey 9/1/1979 OF coreyma01
Mark Corey 10/2/2001 P coreyma02
Mark Davis 9/12/1980 P davisma01
Mark Davis 7/2/1991 OF davisma02
Mark Lee 4/23/1978 P leema01
Mark Lee 9/8/1988 P leema03
Mark McLemore 9/13/1986 2B mclemma01
Mark McLemore 5/24/2007 P mclemma02
Mark Smith 8/12/1983 P smithma02
Mark Smith 5/14/1994 OF smithma03
Marty Barrett 6/24/1884 C barrema01
Marty Barrett 9/6/1982 2B barrema02
Matt Miller 5/8/2001 P millema01
Matt Miller 6/27/2003 P millema02
Matt Williams 8/2/1983 P willima03
Matt Williams 4/11/1987 3B willima04
Matt Williams 4/5/2000 #N/A willima09
Matt Young 4/6/1983 P youngma01
Matt Young 4/3/2011 LF youngma02
Max West 9/18/1928 OF westma01
Max West 4/19/1938 OF westma02
Mel Queen 4/18/1942 P queenme01
Mel Queen 4/13/1964 P queenme02
Mel Stottlemyre 8/12/1964 P stottme01
Mel Stottlemyre 7/17/1990 P stottme02
Miguel Gonzalez 5/29/2012 P gonzami03
Miguel Gonzalez 9/10/2013 #N/A gonzami04
Mike Adams 9/10/1972 OF adamsmi02
Mike Adams 5/18/2004 P adamsmi03
Mike Anderson 9/2/1971 OF andermi01
Mike Anderson 9/7/1993 P andermi02
Mike Bacsik 6/15/1975 P bacsimi01
Mike Bacsik 8/5/2001 P bacsimi02
Mike Bell 5/2/1990 1B bellmi01
Mike Bell 7/20/2000 3B bellmi02
Mike Brown 9/16/1982 P brownmi01
Mike Brown 7/21/1983 OF brownmi02
Mike Brumley 4/18/1964 C brumlmi01
Mike Brumley 6/16/1987 SS brumlmi02
Mike Campbell 4/28/1873 #N/A campbma01
Mike Campbell 7/4/1987 P campbmi01
Mike Darr 9/6/1977 P darrmi01
Mike Darr 5/23/1999 OF darrmi02
Mike Edwards 9/10/1977 2B edwarmi01
Mike Edwards 9/20/2003 3B edwarmi02
Mike Fitzgerald 6/20/1911 OF fitzgmi01
Mike Fitzgerald 9/13/1983 C fitzgmi02
Mike Fitzgerald 6/23/1988 1B fitzgmi03
Mike Garcia 10/3/1948 P garcimi01
Mike Garcia 9/10/1999 P garcimi03
Mike Gonzalez 9/28/1912 C gonzami01
Mike Gonzalez 8/11/2003 P gonzami02
Mike Grace 4/18/1978 3B gracemi01
Mike Grace 9/1/1995 P gracemi02
Mike Griffin 4/16/1887 OF griffmi01
Mike Griffin 9/17/1979 P griffmi02
Mike Hart 6/12/1980 CF hartmi01
Mike Hart 5/8/1984 OF hartmi02
Mike Jackson 5/10/1970 P jacksmi01
Mike Jackson 8/11/1986 P jacksmi02
Mike Jacobs 7/16/1902 SS jacobmi01
Mike Jacobs 8/21/2005 1B jacobmi02
Mike Johnson 7/25/1974 P johnsmi01
Mike Johnson 4/6/1997 P johnsmi02
Mike Jones 8/12/1890 P jonesmi01
Mike Jones 9/6/1980 P jonesmi02
Mike Kelly 9/3/1926 P kellymi01
Mike Kelly 4/5/1994 OF kellymi02
Mike Lynch 4/24/1902 OF lynchmi01
Mike Lynch 6/21/1904 P lynchmi02
Mike Mahoney 5/18/1897 1B mahonmi01
Mike Mahoney 9/8/2000 C mahonmi02
Mike Marshall 5/31/1967 P marshmi01
Mike Marshall 9/7/1981 OF marshmi02
Mike McCormick 4/14/1904 3B mccormi01
Mike McCormick 4/16/1940 OF mccormi02
Mike McCormick 9/3/1956 P mccormi03
Mike McDermott 9/2/1889 P mcdermi01
Mike McDermott 4/20/1895 P mcdermi02
Mike Ramsey 9/4/1978 2B ramsemi01
Mike Ramsey 4/6/1987 OF ramsemi02
Mike Ryan 7/25/1895 3B ryanmi01
Mike Ryan 10/3/1964 C ryanmi02
Mike Schultz 4/20/1947 P schulmi01
Mike Schultz 4/20/2007 P schulmi02
Mike Smith 9/4/1926 OF smithmi01
Mike Smith 4/6/1984 P smithmi04
Mike Smith 6/30/1989 P smithmi05
Mike Smith 4/26/2002 P smithmi06
Mike Stanton 7/9/1975 P stantmi01
Mike Stanton 8/24/1989 P stantmi02
Mike Stanton 6/8/2010 RF stantmi03
Mike Sullivan 4/26/1888 OF sullimi01
Mike Sullivan 6/17/1889 P sullimi02
Mike Thompson 5/19/1971 P thompmi01
Mike Thompson 5/17/2006 P thompmi03
Mike Walker 9/9/1988 P walkemi01
Mike Walker 6/16/1992 P walkemi02
Mike Wilson 6/4/1921 C wilsomi01
Mike Wilson 5/10/2011 LF wilsomi02
Nelson Cruz 8/1/1997 P cruzne01
Nelson Cruz 9/17/2005 RF cruzne02
Nick Cullop 5/20/1913 P culloni01
Nick Cullop 4/14/1926 OF culloni02
Otto Miller 7/16/1910 C milleot01
Otto Miller 4/17/1927 3B milleot02
Ozzie Virgil 9/23/1956 3B virgioz01
Ozzie Virgil 10/5/1980 C virgioz02
Pat Kelly 9/6/1967 OF kellypa01
Pat Kelly 5/28/1980 C kellypa02
Pat Kelly 5/20/1991 2B kellypa03
Paul Smith 9/19/1916 OF smithpa01
Paul Smith 4/14/1953 1B smithpa03
Pedro Borbon 4/9/1969 P borbope01
Pedro Borbon 10/2/1992 P borbope02
Pedro Hernandez 9/8/1979 DH hernape01
Pedro Hernandez 7/18/2012 P hernape02
Pedro Martinez 9/24/1992 P martipe02
Pedro Martinez 6/29/1993 P martipe03
Pete O’Brien 4/29/1890 #N/A o’bripe01
Pete O’Brien 9/21/1901 #N/A o’bripe02
Pete O’Brien 9/3/1982 #N/A o’bripe03
Pete Rose 4/8/1963 OF rosepe01
Pete Rose 9/1/1997 3B rosepe02
Pete Smith 9/13/1962 P smithpe01
Pete Smith 9/8/1987 P smithpe02
Phil Clark 4/15/1958 P clarkph01
Phil Clark 5/27/1992 OF clarkph02
Ralph Miller 5/6/1898 P millera01
Ralph Miller 4/14/1920 3B millera03
Ralph Miller 9/16/1921 P millera04
Ramon Garcia 4/19/1948 P garcira01
Ramon Garcia 5/31/1991 P garcira03
Ramon Hernandez 4/11/1967 P hernara01
Ramon Hernandez 6/29/1999 C hernara02
Ramon Martinez 8/13/1988 P martira02
Ramon Martinez 6/20/1998 SS martira03
Ramon Ramirez 4/14/2006 P ramirra02
Ramon Ramirez 8/30/2008 P ramirra03
Randy Johnson 7/5/1980 DH johnsra03
Randy Johnson 4/27/1982 3B johnsra04
Randy Johnson 9/15/1988 P johnsra05
Rankin Johnson 4/20/1914 P johnsra01
Rankin Johnson 4/17/1941 P johnsra02
Rasty Wright 4/17/1890 OF wrighra01
Rasty Wright 6/22/1917 P wrighra02
Ray Webster 4/17/1959 2B webstra01
Ray Webster 4/11/1967 1B webstra02
Red Smith 9/5/1911 3B smithre02
Red Smith 9/17/1917 C smithre03
Red Smith 4/14/1925 SS smithre04
Red Smith 5/31/1927 C smithre05
Reggie Sanders 9/1/1974 1B sandere01
Reggie Sanders 8/22/1991 OF sandere02
Reggie Williams 9/2/1985 OF willire01
Reggie Williams 9/8/1992 OF willire02
Rich Robertson 9/10/1966 P roberri01
Rich Robertson 4/30/1993 P roberri02
Rich Thompson 4/28/1985 P thompri01
Rich Thompson 4/7/2004 LF thompri02
Rich Thompson 9/1/2007 P thompri03
Rick Anderson 9/18/1979 P anderri01
Rick Anderson 6/9/1986 P anderri02
Rip Collins 4/19/1920 P colliri01
Rip Collins 4/28/1940 C colliri03
Ron Davis 8/1/1962 OF davisro01
Ron Davis 7/29/1978 P davisro02
Ron Jackson 6/15/1954 1B jacksro01
Ron Jackson 9/12/1975 1B jacksro02
Ross Grimsley 9/3/1951 P grimsro01
Ross Grimsley 5/16/1971 P grimsro02
Roy Johnson 8/7/1918 P johnsro01
Roy Johnson 4/18/1929 OF johnsro02
Roy Johnson 7/3/1982 OF johnsro04
Roy Sanders 4/16/1917 P sandero01
Roy Sanders 8/6/1918 P sandero02
Roy Smalley 4/20/1948 SS smallro01
Roy Smalley 4/30/1975 SS smallro02
Roy Smith 6/23/1984 P smithro01
Roy Smith 5/26/2001 P smithro03
Roy Thomas 4/14/1899 OF thomaro01
Roy Thomas 9/21/1977 P thomaro02
Ruben Amaro 6/29/1958 SS amaroru01
Ruben Amaro 6/8/1991 OF amaroru02
Rudy Hernandez 7/3/1960 P hernaru01
Rudy Hernandez 9/6/1972 SS hernaru02
Ryan Braun 9/2/2006 P braunry01
Ryan Braun 5/25/2007 LF braunry02
Ryan Jackson 3/31/1998 1B jacksry01
Ryan Jackson 8/11/2012 2B jacksry02
Sam Crane 5/1/1880 2B cranesa01
Sam Crane 10/2/1914 SS cranesa02
Sam Jones 6/13/1914 P jonessa01
Sam Jones 9/22/1951 P jonessa02
Sam McConnell 4/19/1915 3B mcconsa01
Sam McConnell 6/25/2004 P mcconsa02
Sam Narron 9/15/1935 C narrosa01
Sam Narron 7/30/2004 P narrosa02
Sandy Alomar 9/15/1964 2B alomasa01
Sandy Alomar 9/30/1988 C alomasa02
Scott Baker 7/17/1995 P bakersc01
Scott Baker 5/7/2005 P bakersc02
Scott Lewis 9/25/1990 P lewissc01
Scott Lewis 9/10/2008 P lewissc02
Scott Taylor 9/17/1992 P taylosc01
Scott Taylor 7/28/1995 P taylosc02
Skinny Graham 9/3/1924 P grahask01
Skinny Graham 9/14/1934 OF grahask02
Steve Barber 4/21/1960 P barbest01
Steve Barber 4/9/1970 P barbest02
Steve Davis 9/23/1979 2B davisst01
Steve Davis 8/25/1985 P davisst03
Steve Dunn 9/27/1884 1B dunnst01
Steve Dunn 5/3/1994 1B dunnst02
Steve Kline 7/10/1970 P klinest01
Steve Kline 4/2/1997 P klinest02
Steve Ontiveros 8/5/1973 3B ontivst01
Steve Ontiveros 6/14/1985 P ontivst02
Steve Sparks 4/28/1995 P sparkst01
Steve Sparks 7/19/2000 P sparkst02
Tim Corcoran 5/18/1977 1B corcoti01
Tim Corcoran 6/14/2005 P corcoti02
Tim Jones 9/4/1977 P jonesti01
Tim Jones 7/26/1988 SS jonesti02
Tim Raines 9/11/1979 OF raineti01
Tim Raines 10/1/2001 OF raineti02
Tom Baker 8/15/1935 P bakerto01
Tom Baker 8/2/1963 P bakerto02
Tom Brown 7/6/1882 OF brownto01
Tom Brown 4/8/1963 OF brownto03
Tom Brown 9/14/1978 P brownto04
Tom Carey 5/4/1871 SS careyto01
Tom Carey 7/19/1935 2B careyto02
Tom Carroll 5/7/1955 3B carroto01
Tom Carroll 7/7/1974 P carroto02
Tom Daly 4/30/1887 2B dalyto01
Tom Daly 9/23/1913 C dalyto02
Tom Fisher 4/17/1904 P fisheto01
Tom Fisher 9/20/1967 P fisheto02
Tom Foley 5/8/1871 OF foleyto01
Tom Foley 4/9/1983 SS foleyto02
Tom Gorman 9/14/1939 P gormato01
Tom Gorman 7/16/1952 P gormato02
Tom Gorman 9/2/1981 P gormato03
Tom Hughes 9/7/1900 P hugheto01
Tom Hughes 9/18/1906 P hugheto02
Tom Hughes 9/9/1930 OF hugheto03
Tom Hughes 9/13/1959 P hugheto05
Tom Long 9/11/1911 OF longto01
Tom Long 4/26/1924 P longto02
Tom Lynch 8/18/1884 OF lynchto01
Tom Lynch 8/5/1884 1B lynchto02
Tom McCarthy 5/10/1908 P mccarto02
Tom McCarthy 7/5/1985 P mccarto03
Tom Miller 10/24/1874 C milleto01
Tom Miller 7/29/1918 #N/A milleto02
Tom O’Brien 6/14/1882 #N/A o’brito01
Tom O’Brien 5/10/1897 #N/A o’brito02
Tom Smith 9/15/1875 2B smithto01
Tom Smith 6/6/1894 P smithto02
Tom Sullivan 9/27/1884 P sullito01
Tom Sullivan 5/15/1922 P sullito02
Tom Sullivan 6/14/1925 C sullito03
Tom Walker 9/27/1902 P walketo01
Tom Walker 4/23/1972 P walketo02
Tom Wilson 9/8/1914 C wilsoto01
Tom Wilson 5/19/2001 C wilsoto02
Tommy Davis 9/22/1959 OF davisto02
Tommy Davis 5/14/1999 C davisto03
Tommy Thompson 6/5/1912 P thompto01
Tommy Thompson 9/3/1933 OF thompto02
Tony Armas 9/6/1976 OF armasto01
Tony Armas 8/16/1999 P armasto02
Tony Castillo 9/22/1978 C castito01
Tony Castillo 8/14/1988 P castito02
Tony Gwynn 7/19/1982 OF gwynnto01
Tony Gwynn 7/15/2006 CF gwynnto02
Tony Pena 9/1/1980 C penato01
Tony Pena 4/13/2006 SS penato02
Tony Pena 7/18/2006 P penato03
Wally Hood 4/15/1920 OF hoodwa01
Wally Hood 9/23/1949 P hoodwa02
Willard Brown 5/10/1887 1B brownwi01
Willard Brown 7/19/1947 OF brownwi02
Willie Adams 6/30/1912 P adamswi01
Willie Adams 6/11/1996 P adamswi02
Willie Smith 6/18/1963 OF smithwi02
Willie Smith 4/25/1994 P smithwi03
Woody Williams 9/5/1938 2B williwo01
Woody Williams 5/14/1993 P williwo02

My thanks to John Doppler Schiff and William Juliano for technical help with this.

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