Introducing the VORG Store!

Everyone has some special talent . . . some people can sing . . . some can dance . . . some can memorize pi to 1,000 digits.  I can crunch numbers and anagram, and I’m very creative and clever . . . but I have no artistic ability.

So when it came to designing graphics for VORG merchandise, I put the call out to the Twitterverse.  @EephusBlue, the man behind the Paint the Corners site and the “Stop Bunting” t-shirts, answered the call.  He listened to my ideas, suggested a few of his own, and after a few emails and Twitter chats with me, he came up with two fantastic designs that really capture the spirit of my blog and show off his considerable talents.

So, come visit my new VORG shop at SPREADSHIRT.COM.  You’ll find t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, travel mugs and tote bags, with more items to be added soon.  Spreadshirt is currently offering free shipping if you use the code LOVELY14 at checkout.



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