A “Freddie Freeman” List

Maybe it was Freddie Freeman’s big contract extension, or his recent wedding engagement, but something possessed friend of the VORG HighHeatStats to ask me this:

 Hey @dianagram how about a Freddie Freeman list–players with identical 1st 3 letters in both names?

Using the Lahman Baseball Database as my reference, I found 14 players with the first *four* letters of their first name matching the first four letters of their last name, as well as an additional 36 with three.  :

First 4
Clem Clemens
Dave Davenport
Eric Erickson
Frank Francisco
Holly Hollingshead
John Johnson
Johnny Johnston
Johnny Johnson
John Henry Johnson
John Johnstone
Marty Martinez
Monty Montgomery
Twink Twining
Woody Woodward

First 3
Andy Anderson
Benny Bengough
Brad Brach
Brent Brede
Bruce Brubaker
Carlos Carrasco
Charlie Chant
Chappy Charles
Chuck Churn
Creepy Crespi
Dave Davidson
Freddie Freeman
Gabe Gabler
Harry Hardy
Harry Harper
Heinie Heitmuller
Herb Herring
Mac MacArthur
Mal Mallette
Marty Marion
Mickey Micelotta
Minnie Minoso
Pat Patterson
Pepper Peploski
Ramon Ramirez (born 1982)
Ramon Ramirez (born 1981)
Robin Roberts
Shag Shaughnessy
Steve Stemle
Tommy Toms
Tony Tonneman
Walt Walker
Walt Walsh
Wes Westrum
Willy Wilson
Willie Wilson

Post-script: Friend of the VORG Kazuto Yamazaki points out that Dave Davidson’s given  name at birth was David, so he’d be a “5/5”.  This of course brings up the grey area of given name vs. playing name (Campy Campaneris gets an honorable mention, as he is listed as “Bert” in the database).  I’ll let the reader decide how they want to resolve this in their own mind.

1 thought on “A “Freddie Freeman” List

  1. Don’t see how we can accept names in which the nickname only overflaps because it’s derived from the given name. On the other hand, who cares! It’s truck day at Fenway!

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