Teammates with the Same Repeating Initials

Friend of the VORG David Branson sent me the following message recently:

@dianagram Greg Gagne and Gary Gaetti were teammates on a WS winning team. Other teams with players sharing the same repeating initials?

Well, using the Lahman Baseball Database as my source for names, I found at least 382 instances of team-seasons with at least two teammates having the same repeating initials.

The record for one team in one season is four, held by the 1920 Red Sox, as follows:

  Age B T Ht Wt DoB G
Harry Harper 25 L L 6′ 2″ 165 Apr 24, 1895 27
Hob Hiller 27 R R 5′ 8″ 162 May 12, 1893 17
Harry Hooper HOF 32 L R 5′ 10″ 168 Aug 24, 1887 139
Herb Hunter 24 L R 6′ 0″ 165 Dec 25, 1895 4
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Here is the complete list of those teams since 1900 with at least three teammates having matching sets of repeating initials:

BOS-1920 P Harry Harper HH
BOS-1920 3B Hob Hiller HH
BOS-1920 OF Harry Hooper HH
BOS-1920 OF Herb Hunter HH
HOU-2013 1B Chris Carter CC
HOU-2013 #N/A Cody Clark CC
HOU-2013 1B Carlos Corporan CC
HOU-2012 CF Brandon Barnes BB
HOU-2012 RF Brian Bixler BB
HOU-2012 RF Brian Bogusevic BB
ARI-2010 OF Ryan Roberts RR
ARI-2010 P Rafael Rodriguez RR
ARI-2010 LF Rusty Ryal RR
MIN-2008 P Brian Bass BB
MIN-2008 P Boof Bonser BB
MIN-2008 3B Brian Buscher BB
KCA-2007 P Brian Bannister BB
KCA-2007 P Billy Buckner BB
KCA-2007 DH Billy Butler BB
ANA-2003 P Scott Schoeneweis SS
ANA-2003 P Scot Shields SS
ANA-2003 1B Scott Spiezio SS
ANA-2002 P Scott Schoeneweis SS
ANA-2002 P Scot Shields SS
ANA-2002 1B Scott Spiezio SS
ARI-2002 P Matt Mantei MM
ARI-2002 P Mike Morgan MM
ARI-2002 P Mike Myers MM
DET-2002 P Mike Maroth MM
DET-2002 C Mitch Meluskey MM
DET-2002 P Matt Miller MM
ANA-2001 P Scott Schoeneweis SS
ANA-2001 P Scot Shields SS
ANA-2001 1B Scott Spiezio SS
ARI-2001 P Matt Mantei MM
ARI-2001 P Mike Mohler MM
ARI-2001 P Mike Morgan MM
ARI-2000 P Matt Mantei MM
ARI-2000 OF Matt Mieske MM
ARI-2000 P Mike Morgan MM
HOU-2000 P Mike Maddux MM
HOU-2000 C Mitch Meluskey MM
HOU-2000 OF Matt Mieske MM
MON-1999 P Mike Maddux MM
MON-1999 CF Manny Martinez MM
MON-1999 2B Mike Mordecai MM
CHN-1998 OF Matt Mieske MM
CHN-1998 2B Mickey Morandini MM
CHN-1998 P Mike Morgan MM
ML4-1997 C Mike Matheny MM
ML4-1997 OF Matt Mieske MM
ML4-1997 P Mike Misuraca MM
BOS-1995 C Mike Macfarlane MM
BOS-1995 P Mike Maddux MM
BOS-1995 P Matt Murray MM
CIN-1990 P Ron Robinson RR
CIN-1990 P Rosario Rodriguez RR
CIN-1990 OF Rolando Roomes RR
LAN-1990 P Mike Maddux MM
LAN-1990 P Mike Morgan MM
LAN-1990 P Mike Munoz MM
CIN-1989 P Ron Robinson RR
CIN-1989 P Rosario Rodriguez RR
CIN-1989 OF Rolando Roomes RR
KCA-1989 C Bob Boone BB
KCA-1989 P Bob Buchanan BB
KCA-1989 1B Bill Buckner BB
LAN-1989 OF Mike Marshall MM
LAN-1989 P Mike Morgan MM
LAN-1989 P Mike Munoz MM
MIN-1989 3B Gary Gaetti GG
MIN-1989 SS Greg Gagne GG
MIN-1989 P German Gonzalez GG
MIN-1988 3B Gary Gaetti GG
MIN-1988 SS Greg Gagne GG
MIN-1988 P German Gonzalez GG
CLE-1985 C Butch Benton BB
CLE-1985 P Bert Blyleven BB
CLE-1985 CF Brett Butler BB
LAN-1983 OF R.J. Reynolds RR
LAN-1983 P Rich Rodas RR
LAN-1983 OF Ron Roenicke RR
ATL-1979 1B Bob Beall BB
ATL-1979 C Bruce Benedict BB
ATL-1979 OF Barry Bonnell BB
ATL-1978 1B Bob Beall BB
ATL-1978 C Bruce Benedict BB
ATL-1978 OF Barry Bonnell BB
ML4-1970 P Bobby Bolin BB
ML4-1970 P Bruce Brubaker BB
ML4-1970 OF Bob Burda BB
MIN-1968 1B Rich Reese RR
MIN-1968 SS Rick Renick RR
MIN-1968 3B Rich Rollins RR
NYN-1963 C Chris Cannizzaro CC
NYN-1963 C Choo-Choo Coleman CC
NYN-1963 OF Cliff Cook CC
NYN-1962 C Chris Cannizzaro CC
NYN-1962 C Choo-Choo Coleman CC
NYN-1962 3B Cliff Cook CC
CLE-1935 P Belve Bean BB
CLE-1935 2B Boze Berger BB
CLE-1935 C Bill Brenzel BB
BOS-1929 OF Bill Barrett BB
BOS-1929 3B Bob Barrett BB
BOS-1929 P Bill Bayne BB
CHA-1924 P Bob Barnes BB
CHA-1924 SS Bill Barrett BB
CHA-1924 2B Bill Black BB

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