Auction Drafts with a Truly International Spin

With Opening Day (stateside) coming up, the last of the fantasy baseball drafts are taking place.  There are many types of drafts to take part in, but perhaps the most challenging is the auction draft.  Well, the VORG wondered if you could make the auction draft even MORE challenging (and/or nerdy) by requiring participants to bid on players using the currency of that player’s country of birth.  Of course, you can bid on Mike Trout in good old American dollars, but what about (for example) Aruban-born Xander Bogaerts?

To assist you in this regard, we present the following Google Drive table, which takes all foreign-born players active in 2013 and converts their birth country’s currency into US dollars.  We also give you the corresponding currency conversion for each US dollar up to $40.

Let us know if any of you wild and crazy fantasy baseball folks incorporate this into your draft!

p.s. Xander Bogaerts “exchange rate” is 1.79 florins for $1US.  So you’d need to bid 35.80 florins for a $20US bid.

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