Scrabble-acceptability of 2014 Opening Day Rosters

With the first full weekend of games upon us, its time for the VORG to once again present the list of Scrabble-acceptable player names on each team’s Opening Day/week roster.

The player’s first or last name is deemed “acceptable” if it can be found in the “bible” of organized Scrabble, the Official Tournament and Club Word List.  If the player’s name is seven letters or more and a valid Scrabble word, it is referred to as a  “bingo”. The total below each team’s roster gives the team’s tally of qualifying names.

See the Google Drive chart for all the details.

The A’s and Reds are tied for the most first acceptable first names (12), while the Mets trump all others in last names (11).  The team with the longest nickname (Diamondbacks) happens to have an MLB-best 15 players with a first and/or last name that is acceptable. The Angels (thanks in part to “Mike Trout” … is there NOTHING he can’t do?) lead the league with four players with acceptable first AND last names.   The Royals have a league-leading six “bingo” names.  The Tigers’ Joba Chamberlain possesses the longest acceptable Scrabble word on anyone’s 25-man roster, as a “chamberlain” is an officer who manages the household of a sovereign or noble.  Meanwhile, the Rockies’ Franklin Morales is once again the only player to have both his first and last name be “bingos”.


Today marks the third anniversary of the VORG.  Regardless of how long you’ve been a reader of the site, I want to thank you for your support.  Its been a blast!


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