Heavyweight Pitching Matchups

In Atlanta this evening, 285-pound Bartolo Colon is facing off against 260-pound Aaron Harang.  That got Stuart Johnson thinking, and good friend of the VORG Mark Simon putting out the “bat signal” . . .

Stuart Johnson @stujo11

Bartolo Colon (listed 285 lbs) and Aaron Harang (260 lbs) square off tonight. Wonder what the heaviest pitching matchup ever is? @msimonespn

Mark Simon @msimonespn

@stujo11 Paging @dianagram & @TomTheIntern – my guess is Jumbo Brown vs someone

Using the height and weight data from the Lahman Baseball Database, and the starting pitcher data from the Retrosheet game logs, I was able to research this question.  The results are available in this Google Drive document, but here are the highlights:

At a combined 575 pounds, CC Sabathia (290) and Colon (285) are the record-holders for the weightiest matchup.  They’ve met four times between 2004 and 2013.

In terms of BMI, which takes into account height and weight, Colon (BMI of 38.6) is again part of the record matchup.  His duels with Tommy Hunter (35.0) combine for a record 73.6 BMI.  They met twice in 2012.

So Harang and Colon will have to go back to the buffet to get closer to the record.


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