Longest Player Name for each Franchise

Friend of the VORG Doug Kern alerted me to the following:

OFFICIAL: #Rays call up left-handed reliever @CJRief, whose 12-letter last name ties Jason Isringhausen for longest in club history.

That @CJRief is C.J. Riefenhauser, and he (and Doug) inspired this list.  Here is each franchise/team in baseball history, with the player(s) holding the record for longest last name.  For simplicity sake, the player will be listed next to most if not all versions of the franchise, even if they didn’t play for a particular version.  For example, Al Hollingsworth didn’t play for the Minnesota Twins, but he DID play for their progenitor, the Washington Senators.  Also, the last name length excludes periods, apostrophes, hyphens and spaces.  With that in mind, here is the list:

Franchise Name/Nickname Length Player Name
Altoona Mountain City 9 Charlie Dougherty
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 12 Billy Grabarkewitz
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 12 Jason Christiansen
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 12 Jason Isringhausen
Arizona Diamondbacks 11 Andy Stankiewicz
Arizona Diamondbacks 11 Brandon Villafuerte
Arizona Diamondbacks 11 Paul Goldschmidt
Arizona Diamondbacks 11 Ryan Christenson
Arizona Diamondbacks 11 Scott Schoeneweis
Arizona Diamondbacks 11 Shea Hillenbrand
Arizona Diamondbacks 11 Todd Stottlemyre
Philadelphia Athletics 9 Whitey Ritterson
Atlanta Braves 14 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Baltimore Orioles 13 Al Hollingsworth
Baltimore Orioles 13 Bill Knickerbocker
Baltimore Orioles 13 Gene DeMontreville
Buffalo Bisons 10 Bert Cunningham
Buffalo Bisons 9 Biff Schlitzer
Buffalo Bisons 9 Frank Delahanty
Buffalo Bisons 9 Ned Pettigrew
Baltimore Canaries 8 Oscar Bielaski
Baltimore Canaries 8 Frederick Boardman
Baltimore Canaries 8 Asa Brainard
Baltimore Canaries 8 Candy Cummings
Baltimore Canaries 8 Joe Gerhardt
Baltimore Canaries 8 Scott Hastings
Baltimore Orioles 13 Gene DeMontreville
Baltimore Terrapins 11 Enos Kirkpatrick
Baltimore Monumentals 10 Eddie Fusselback
Boston Red Stockings 8 Al Spalding
Boston Red Stockings 8 Dave Birdsall
Boston Red Sox 14 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Brooklyn Atlantics 9 Tom Patterson
Boston Reds 9 John Rudderham
Brooklyn Gladiators 10 Charlie McCullough
Boston Reds 10 Hardy Richardson
Boston Reds 10 John Fitzgerald
Brooklyn Tip-Tops 10 Cy Falkenberg
Brooklyn Tip-Tops 10 Jim Bluejacket
Buffalo Bisons 10 Bill McGunnigle
Buffalo Bisons 10 Dude Esterbrook
Buffalo Bisons 10 Hardy Richardson
Brooklyn Ward’s Wonders 10 George Van Haltren
Columbus Buckeyes 9 John Valentine
Cleveland Blues 10 Bill McGunnigle
Cleveland Blues 10 Dude Esterbrook
Philadelphia Centennials 10 Ed Somerville
Cleveland Forest Citys 10 Jim Holdsworth
Chicago Cubs 13 Gene DeMontreville
Chicago Cubs 13 Ken Raffensberger
Chicago Cubs 13 Todd Hollandsworth
Chicago Whales 11 Mike Prendergast
Chicago Pirates 10 Ned Williamson
Chicago White Sox 13 Al Hollingsworth
Chicago White Sox 13 Bill Knickerbocker
Cincinnati Reds 13 Al Hollingsworth
Cincinnati Reds 13 Ken Raffensberger
Cincinnati Reds 13 Todd Hollandsworth
Cincinnati Kelly’s Killers 8 Billy Clingman
Cincinnati Kelly’s Killers 8 Dick Johnston
Cincinnati Kelly’s Killers 8 Yank Robinson
Cleveland Indians 13 Bill Knickerbocker
Cleveland Indians 13 Todd Hollandsworth
Cleveland Infants 9 Ed Delahanty
Cleveland Infants 9 Larry Twitchell
Cleveland Infants 9 Sy Sutcliffe
Columbus Solons 11 Elton Chamberlain
Cleveland Spiders 12 Charlie Reipschlager
Chicago White Stockings 8 Fred Waterman
Chicago White Stockings 8 George Zettlein
Chicago White Stockings 8 Mike Brannock
Chicago White Stockings 8 Ned Cuthbert
Chicago White Stockings 8 Oscar Bielaski
Chicago White Stockings 8 Scott Hastings
Cincinnati Reds 9 Buttercup Dickerson
Cincinnati Reds 9 Hick Carpenter
Colorado Rockies 13 Todd Hollandsworth
Cincinnati Outlaw Reds 10 Frank McLaughlin
Chicago/Pittsburgh (Union League) 11 Charlie Householder
Detroit Tigers 13 Lou Schiappacasse
Detroit Wolverines 10 Hardy Richardson
Brooklyn Eckfords 10 Jim Holdsworth
Florida Marlins 13 Tim Spooneybarger
Florida Marlins 13 Todd Hollandsworth
Hartford Dark Blues 10 Jim Holdsworth
Houston Astros 11 Andy Stankiewicz
Houston Astros 11 Brett Oberholtzer
Houston Astros 11 George Cappuzzello
Houston Astros 11 Kent Bottenfield
Houston Astros 11 Paul Householder
Houston Astros 11 Ramon de los Santos
Houston Astros 11 Reggie Abercrombie
Houston Astros 11 Steve Lombardozzi
Houston Astros 11 Tom Wiedenbauer
Indianapolis Blues 10 Ned Williamson
Indianapolis Hoosiers 10 Jim Holdsworth
Indianapolis Hoosiers 10 Dude Esterbrook
Indianapolis Hoosiers 10 Pete Weckbecker
Kansas City Cowboys 9 Frank Hankinson
Kansas City Cowboys 9 Henry Easterday
Kansas City Cowboys 9 Mike Mattimore
Kansas City Cowboys 8 Jim Donnelly
Kansas City Packers 10 Chet Chadbourne
Kansas City Royals 12 Alan Hargesheimer
Kansas City Royals 12 Doug Mientkiewicz
Kansas City Royals 12 Mark Grudzielanek
Kansas City Cowboys 10 Barney McLaughlin
Kansas City Cowboys 10 Frank McLaughlin
Kansas City Cowboys 10 Jim Chatterton
Fort Wayne Kekiongas 9 Bob Armstrong
Fort Wayne Kekiongas 9 Joe McDermott
Fort Wayne Kekiongas 9 Wally Goldsmith
Los Angeles Dodgers 13 Al Hollingsworth
Los Angeles Dodgers 13 Bonnie Hollingsworth
Los Angeles Dodgers 13 Gene DeMontreville
Los Angeles Dodgers 13 Todd Hollandsworth
Louisville Grays 10 Ed Somerville
Louisville Colonels 11 Elton Chamberlain
Middletown Mansfields 8 Asa Brainard
Middletown Mansfields 8 Frank McCarton
Baltimore Marylands 9 Wally Goldsmith
Milwaukee Brewers 11 Andy Etchebarren
Milwaukee Brewers 11 Ben Hendrickson
Milwaukee Brewers 11 Bryan Clutterbuck
Milwaukee Brewers 11 Ed Kirkpatrick
Milwaukee Brewers 11 Frank Catalanotto
Milwaukee Brewers 11 Gus Gandarillas
Milwaukee Brewers 11 Mike Hershberger
Milwaukee Brewers 11 Paul Householder
Milwaukee Brewers 11 Ryan Christenson
Milwaukee Brewers 11 Valerio de los Santos
Milwaukee Brewers 11 Wes Obermueller
Minnesota Twins 13 Al Hollingsworth
Minnesota Twins 13 Bonnie Hollingsworth
Minnesota Twins 13 Gene DeMontreville
Milwaukee Brewers 9 Abner Dalrymple
Milwaukee Grays 9 Abner Dalrymple
Milwaukee Brewers 9 Cal Broughton
Milwaukee Brewers 9 Tom Morrissey
Washington Nationals 12 Holly Hollingshead
Newark Pepper 12 Ralph McConnaughey
New Haven Elm Citys 10 Ed Somerville
New York Mutuals 10 Jim Holdsworth
New York Giants 10 Danny Richardson
New York Mets 12 Doug Mientkiewicz
New York Mets 12 Jason Isringhausen
New York Metropolitans 12 Charlie Reipschlager
New York Mutuals 10 Jim Holdsworth
New York Mutuals 10 John McGuinness
New York Yankees 13 Bill Knickerbocker
Oakland Athletics 13 Austin Knickerbocker
Oakland Athletics 13 Bill Knickerbocker
Oakland Athletics 13 Kirk Dressendorfer
Oakland Athletics 13 Steve Wojciechowski
Washington Olympics 9 Harry Berthrong
Washington Olympics 9 Henry Burroughs
Washington Olympics 9 Wally Goldsmith
Pittsburgh Burghers 8 Tommy Corcoran
Pittsburgh Burghers 8 Yank Robinson
Pittsburgh Rebels 10 Al Braithwood
Pittsburgh Rebels 10 Marty Berghammer
Philadelphia Athletics 11 Elton Chamberlain
Philadelphia Phillies 13 Al Hollingsworth
Philadelphia Phillies 13 Ken Raffensberger
Philadelphia Keystones 10 John McGuinness
Philadelphia Athletics 10 Bert Cunningham
Pittsburgh Pirates 13 Bonnie Hollingsworth
Pittsburgh Pirates 13 Gene DeMontreville
Pittsburgh Pirates 13 John Van Benschoten
Philadelphia Athletics 12 Count Sensenderfer
Providence Grays 11 Bill Stellberger
Philadelphia White Stockings 10 Jim Holdsworth
Elizabeth Resolutes 10 Favel Wordsworth
Richmond Virginians 8 Dick Johnston
Richmond Virginians 8 Wash Williams
Rochester Broncos 10 John Fitzgerald
Rockford Forest Citys 8 Scott Hastings
St. Louis Brown Stockings 8 Ned Cuthbert
San Diego Padres 12 Juan Eichelberger
Seattle Mariners 12 Ryan Rowland-Smith
San Francisco Giants 13 William Van Landingham
St. Louis Terriers 9 Dave Davenport
St. Louis Terriers 9 Tex Wisterzil
St. Louis Maroons 9 Buttercup Dickerson
St. Louis Maroons 9 Charlie Krehmeyer
St. Louis Maroons 9 Jack Glasscock
St. Louis Maroons 9 Jack McGeachey
St. Louis Maroons 9 John Cattanach
St. Louis Maroons 9 Milt Whitehead
St. Louis Maroons 9 Sy Sutcliffe
St. Louis Red Stockings 8 Trick McSorley
St. Louis Brown Stockings 8 Ned Cuthbert
St. Louis Cardinals 13 Ken Raffensberger
St. Louis Cardinals 13 Lee DeMontreville
St. Paul Apostles 7 Joe Werrick
St. Paul Apostles 7 Scrappy Carroll
Syracuse Stars 10 John McGuinness
Syracuse Stars 10 Barney McLaughlin
Syracuse Stars 10 Charlie McCullough
Tampa Bay Rays 12 Jason Isringhausen
Texas Rangers 14 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Toledo Maumees 9 Ed Swartwood
Toledo Maumees 9 Frank Scheibeck
Toledo Maumees 9 Parson Nicholson
Toledo Blue Stockings 8 Trick McSorley
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Adeiny Hechavarria
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Chuck Hartenstein
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Darin Mastroianni
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Edwin Encarnacion
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Frank Catalanotto
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Lee Gronkiewicz
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Marc Rzepczynski
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Mark Hendrickson
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Scott Schoeneweis
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Shea Hillenbrand
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Todd Stottlemyre
Toronto Blue Jays 11 Valerio de los Santos
Troy Haymakers 11 Francis Abercrombie
Troy Trojans 10 Jim Holdsworth
Washington Senators 13 Gene DeMontreville
Washington Blue Legs 12 Holly Hollingshead
Keokuk Westerns 9 Wally Goldsmith
Wilmington Quicksteps 9 Bill McCloskey
Washington Nationals 10 William McLaughlin
Washington Nationals 9 George Winkelman
Washington Nationals 9 Jim Gallagher
Washington Nationals 12 Holly Hollingshead
Worcester Ruby Legs 10 Bill McGunnigle
Worcester Ruby Legs 10 Frank McLaughlin
Washington Nationals 12 Mark Grudzielanek
Washington Statesmen 9 John Humphries

6 thoughts on “Longest Player Name for each Franchise

  1. I sorted your list by player name, and Jim Holdsworth appears 7 times (the most for any player) in a 10-year career, followed by Al Hollingsworth and Gene DeMontreville (6 appearances in 13 years for both of them).

    The first reasonably contemporary player is Todd Hollandsworth, who appears 6 times (also in 13 years), in a career lasting from 1995 to 2006. During that period, he played for the Dodgers (6 full or partial seasons), the Rockies (3). the Braves (2) and 1 season each for the Rangers, the Reds, the Indians, and the Marlins.

    Three of the four players with the most appearances have last names beginning with “H”.

    Doug Mientkiewicz shows up only 3 times, which seems wrong (not factually, but, somehow, ontologically).

    Doug (Eyechart) Gwosdz doesn’t appear at all (which isn’t surprising, but also seems unfortunate).

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