All those Errors but no Unearned Runs

Friend of the VORG Dan Wachtell alerted me to the fact that the Astros managed to commit five errors Thursday night in a 10-1 loss, but those errors did not lead to even a single unearned run.  Dan wondered if that was a record for most errors without yielding an unearned run.

With my Retrosheet gamelog database fired up, I filtered for teams scoring ten or more runs while their opponents committed five or more errors.  I then computed the unearned runs in each case (fortunately Retrosheet captures runs, “individual earned runs” and “team earned runs” for each game), and voila!

On September 10, 1961, the Phillies defeated the Cubs 14-6 at Wrigley Field.  The Cubs committed seven errors, but somehow managed to not give up an unearned run.  Two of those Cubs errors were charged to a rookie making his Major League debut . . . Lou Brock.

That’s the record!

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