The First 5-4-5 Linescore in MLB History

History was made Thursday night, as the Red Sox were losing 14-5 to the Yankees.  The Sox finished with five runs on four hits, and committed five errors.  The resulting 5-4-5 linescore is the FIRST such tally in baseball history (nearly 200,000 games worth).  We’ve had 5-4-4s, 5-5-5s, 4-5-5s, but never before had a team ended up with 5-4-5.

Congrats to the BoSox!


3 thoughts on “The First 5-4-5 Linescore in MLB History

  1. Diane, I love baseball minutia! Did you realize the unusual line score of the Bosox yourself? You put out better stats than The Elias Sports Bureau or Stats Inc. Outstanding Diane!

    • Hi James …. unique/unusual linescores is another one of my interests, and I’ve created a spreadsheet with a frequency table of all the R-H-E linescores in history. I DID now that the Sox scored 5, but someone on twitter mentioned they made 5 errors, and I figured that combo was kind of error. Indeed it turned out to be, when mixed in with only 4 hits, unique. Thanks for your continued support!

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