Players with Same First/Last Letter in First/Last Name

Another day, another question via the wonderful world of Twitter:

Neal Kendrick @neal_kendrick

Tough name question relating to Oswaldo Arcia. Other players with both first and last name starting and ending with same letter.

Jon Roegele @MLBPlayerAnalys

@neal_kendrick David Aardsma

Neal Kendrick @neal_kendrick

@MLBPlayerAnalys yep, somebody got that one. You guys are much better at this than I am though

Jon Roegele @MLBPlayerAnalys

@neal_kendrick Trot Nixon

Neal Kendrick @neal_kendrick

@MLBPlayerAnalys Easily the best player listed, nice pull

Jon Roegele @MLBPlayerAnalys

@neal_kendrick This is a perfect question for @dianagram – she probably already has a post somewhere about this!

dianagram @dianagram

@MLBPlayerAnalys @neal_kendrick I don’t (yet) …. but I will now 🙂

And so, thanks to the Lahman Baseball Database, here are those players:

David Aardsma
Ehire Adrianza
Bob Allietta
Bob Apodaca
Oswaldo Arcia
Rugger Ardizoia
Snooks Dowd
Bob Emslie
Hugh High
Eddie Kazak
Roger Kieschnick
Bob Meacham
Roger Nelson
David Newhan
Bob Nieman
Trot Nixon
Nelson Norman
Effie Norton
Greg Norton
Bob Owchinko
Bob Rinker
Kirk Rueter
Kirk Saarloos
Roger Samuels
David Sanders
Bob Seeds
Razor Shines
Eddie Shokes
Nelson Simmons
Greg Sims
Bob Sykes
Bob Talbot
Hugh Yancy

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