The Chris Wi-THROW All-Stars

This morning’s “Effectively Wild” Baseball Prospectus podcast had Sam Miller recalling that Chris Withrow‘s write-up in the BP Annual mentioned that he’s the only Major Leaguer with the word “throw” in his name.

This caused us to wonder what other players had baseball terms secreted within their names.   With the Lahman Baseball Database supplying the names, here are the players with at least one of the following terms in their name: hit, run, throw, single, triple, homer, bunt, walk, bat, swing, out, ball, strike, inning.  Note: the term can be split across first and last names.

There is ONE player with two terms (OUT, HIT) in his name:

Taylor Douthit


Sterling Hitchcock
Ross Moschitto
Burgess Whitehead
Charlie Whitehouse
Charlie White
Derrick White
Rondell White
Darrell Whitmore
Nick Willhite
Nelson Chittum
Barney White
Deacon White
George Whiteman
Warren White
Possum Whitted
Harry Chiti
Steve Chitren
Steve Whitaker
Devon White
Elmer White
Elder White
Ernie White
Frank White
Jerry White
Kirby White
Larry White
Myron White
Sammy White
Steve White
Wally Whitehurst
Terry Whitfield
Jesse Whiting
Frank Whitman
Frank Whitney
Pinky Whitney
Ernie Whitt
Billy Hitchcock
Bruce Hitt
Lloyd Hittle
Junichi Tazawa
Bill Whitby
Alex White
Bill White
Deke White
Earl Whitehill
Fuzz White
Gabe White
Jack White
Jo-Jo White
John Whitehead
Josh Whitesell
Mark Whiten
Matt Whiteside
Matt White
Milt Whitehead
Mike White
Rick White
Sean Whiteside
Sean White
Will White
Fred Whitfield
Dick Whitman
Bill Whitrock
Walt Whittaker
Tadahito Iguchi
Takahito Nomura
Kazuhito Tadano
Lou Whitaker
Pat Whitaker
Bob Whitcher
Abe White
Doc White
Don White
Eli Whiteside
Gil Whitehouse
Hal White
Len Whitehouse
Roy White
Sam White
Chase Whitley
Dan Whitmer
Art Whitney
Jim Whitney
Jim Hitchcock
Roy Hitt
Ed White
Ed Whited
Ed Whiting
Ed Whitson
Whitey Alperman
Whitey Ford
Whitey Gibson
Whitey Glazner
Whitey Guese
Whitey Herzog
Whitey Hilcher
Whitey Kurowski
Whitey Lockman
Chito Martinez
Whitey Miller
Whitey Moore
Whitey Ock
Whitey Platt
Whitey Ritterson
Whitey Wietelmann
Whitey Wilshere
Whitey Wistert
Whitey Witt
Whit Wyatt


Greg Colbrunn
George Brunet
Justin Brunette
Harry Arundel
Brian Bruney
Amos Strunk
Jack Bruner
Arlo Brunsberg
Will Brunson
Eric Bruntlett
Tug Arundel
Tom Brunansky
Roy Bruner
Tom Bruno
Ken Grundt
Rich Rundles
Paul Runge
Pete Runnels
Sean Runyan
Al Grunwald
Tom Runnells
Dan Runzler
Bruno Betzel
Bruno Block
Bruno Haas
Drungo Hazewood
Runelvys Hernandez


Chris Withrow
Corky Withrow
Frank Withrow


Chris Singleton
Duane Singleton
Elmer Singleton
John Singleton
Ken Singleton


Coaker Triplett
Walt Ripley


Homer Bailey
Homer Blankenship
Homer Bush
Homer Davidson
Homer Ezzell
Homer Hillebrand
Homer Peel
Homer Smoot
Homer Spragins
Homer Summa
Homer Thompson


Bun Troy


Mysterious Walker
Taijuan Walker
George Walker
Johnny Walker
Welday Walker
Boardwalk Brown
Chico Walker
Dixie Walker
Duane Walker
Ernie Walker
Fleet Walker
Frank Walker
Harry Walker
Jamie Walker
Jerry Walker
Kevin Walker
Larry Walker
Marty Walker
Oscar Walker
Speed Walker
Tillie Walker
Tyler Walker
Bill Walker
Curt Walker
Greg Walker
Luke Walker
Mike Walker
Neil Walker
Pete Walker
Rube Walker
Tony Walker
Todd Walker
Walt Walker
Bob Walk
Gee Walker
Hub Walker
Roy Walker
Tom Walker
Jim Walkup
Ed Walker
Walker Cooper
Walker Cress


Charlie Bates
Johnny Bates
Miguel Batista
Rafael Batista
George Batten
Howard Battle
Jose Lobaton
Jose Tabata
Aaron Bates
Billy Bates
Frank Bates
Jason Bates
Kevin Batiste
Larry Battam
Allen Battle
Chris Batton
Ed Abbaticchio
Emil Batch
Rich Batchelor
John Bateman
Dick Bates
John Bates
Bill Bathe
Tony Batista
Bill Batsch
Earl Battey
Matt Batts
CC Sabathia
Joe Batchelder
Bud Bates
Del Bates
Ray Bates
Kim Batiste
Joe Battin
Jim Battle
Bubba Trammell


Paul Swingle


Charlie Osterhout
Bud Teachout
Taylor Douthit
Nate McLouth
Allyn Stout
Dizzy Trout
Steve Trout
Frank Foutz
Lefty Houtz
James Mouton
Billy Southworth
Clyde Southwick
Bob Sprout
Mike Trout
Art Brouthers
Dan Brouthers
Dave Foutz
Lyle Mouton
Chink Outen
Jimmy Outlaw
Phil Routcliffe
Bill Southworth
Jim Bouton
Jon Coutlangus
Art Houtteman
Josh Outman
Lou Thornton
Lou Thuman
Lou Tost


Ramon Caraballo
Putsy Caballero
Cole Kimball
Gene Kimball
Newt Kimball
Pelham Ballenger
Cannonball Titcomb
Jeff Ballard
Mark Ballinger
Jeff Ball
Neal Ball
Highball Wilson
Art Ball
Jay Baller
Jim Ball
Win Ballou
Bob Allen
Bob Allietta
Bob Allison


Jake Striker
John Strike


Herm Winningham
Bud Tinning

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  1. No love for “Win” as a word to look out for? Because I saw a couple of those near the end. Shame that Grant Balfour couldn’t be included due to exact spelling.

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