Days of Wine and Pete Roses

The Yankees apparently have joined a select number of teams with their own line of wines.

Catch this snappy ad copy!

New York Yankees™  Reserve
2013 Finger Lakes Dry Riesling

Be it stickball on the streets of Brooklyn, or the Bombers on a Sunday in the Bronx, New York is sacred baseball country. In recent decades, it has also become great wine country, from Long Island to Lake Erie. The New York Yankees™ are thrilled to honor New York state in presenting this crisp, tangy and refreshing dry Riesling, produced from Riesling grapes grown in the Finger Lakes region and typically harvested in October, when baseball is at its best.

Yup . . . makes me want to break out the wine glasses and listen to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.

But actually, baseball and wine DO share some common terminology.  To wit:

  • A batter needs good balance in his stance box.
  • Good teams have a blend of veterans and youth.
  • Scouts looked down on Tim Lincecum because he didn’t have the prototypical body.
  • Norm Cash admitted he used a corked bat during the 1961 season.
  • Ligament replacement surgeries involve a graft.
  • Raw players are often referred to as being green.
  • A cupped bat has a hollow end.
  • Billy Hamilton got to the Majors mainly by his legs.
  • The reserve clause was abolished in 1975.
  • A player with a bad split may end up platooning.

Anyway, you could make a decent team out of “wine-themed” names:

Cap Clark C
George Lees C
Mike Rose C
Norm Sherry C
Robbie Wine C
Pete Rose 1B
Press Cruthers 2B
Grant Green 2B
Nick Green 2B
Pumpsie Green 2B
Taylor Green 2B
Pete Rose 2B
Dick Green SS
Gary Green SS
Cap Peterson SS
Sherry Robertson SS
Bobby Wine SS
Cap Anson 3B
Andy Green 3B
Jim Green 3B
Bobby Rose 3B
David Green OF
Danny Green OF
Gene Green OF
Lenny Green OF
Scarborough Green OF
Shawn Green OF
Sherry Magee OF
Cap Crowell P
Chris Green P
Dallas Green P
Ed Green P
Fred Green P
Harvey Green P
Jason Green P
Sean Green P
Steve Green P
Tyler Green P
Brian Rose P
Chuck Rose P
Don Rose P
Fred Sherry P
Larry Sherry P
Sherry Smith P
Joe Green PH


1 thought on “Days of Wine and Pete Roses

  1. If New York is “sacred baseball country,” maybe the Yanks oughta put their Triple-A team back in Syracuse, where it was in the 1960s.

    I also like how, by the Yanks’ definition, the New York baseball world ranges all the way from Brooklyn to the Bronx.
    Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo — oh, and Cooperstown — all say hi.

    I’ll get off my WNY soapbox (or should it be a case of wine?) now.

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