Most of a Given Name on a Team

Last time out, we listed the yearly leaders for most popular first names in baseball.    A natural extension of this is to find the teams with the most players with the same first name in a single season.  There have been four teams with at least seven different players with the same first name:

1989 Los Angeles Dodgers (8 “Mikes”): Mike Davis, Mike Hartley, Mike Huff, Mike Marshall, Mike Morgan, Mike Munoz, Mike Scioscia, Mike Sharperson

1902 Philadelphia Athletics (7 “Bills”): Bill Clay, Bill Duggleby, Bill Hallman, Bill Magee, Bill Salisbury, Bill Thomas, Bill Wolff

1973 Texas Rangers (7 “Jims”): Jim Bibby, Jim Fregosi, Jim Kremmel, Jim Mason, Jim Merritt, Jim Shellenback, Jim Spencer

1975 Texas Rangers (7 “Jims”): Jim Bibby, Jim Fregosi, Jim Gideon, Jim Merritt, Jim Spencer, Jim Sundberg, Jim Umbarger

Last year, the Detroit Tigers led the Majors, by having five players named “Jose”: Jose Alvarez, Jose Iglesias, Jose Ortega, Jose Valverde and Jose Veras

(First names are based upon listing in Lahman Baseball Database.  The linked names may differ slightly in Baseball Reference.)

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