“P”ing on the Shoulders of Giants

The San Francisco Giants have been occasionally starting five different players whose last names begin with the letter P.  One such instance occurred Thursday night at Milwaukee, when their starting nine went as follows:

This of course led the VORG to wonder if that was a record for most “P” names in a starting lineup, and then what the record was for every other letter.  With the Retrosheet gamelogs revved up, I parsed out last names from the lineups of the 160,000+ games that had such info available.  I then pulled out the first letter of each of the last names, and summed them for each team in each game.  Voila . . . here are the counts for each letter, and the date and game in which it last occurred (through 2013, with the team that did in in italics and bolded):

A 4 5/17/2006 FLO ATL
B 6 8/5/1999 LAN HOU
C 5 6/9/2013 HOU KCA
D 6 6/15/1987 PHI CHN
E 4 7/22/2012 LAN NYN
F 4 8/23/2009 CHN LAN
G 6 6/13/2008 KCA ARI
H 5 8/8/2005 DET TOR
I 2 9/29/2013 DET MIA
J 4 5/2/2009 HOU ATL
K 4 7/17/1965 CHN LAN
L 4 7/21/2012 ATL WAS
M 7 8/31/1938 PHI SLN
N 3 6/2/2012 LAN COL
O 3 10/6/2001 BOS BAL
P 5 9/28/2013 SDN SFN
Q 1 9/28/2013 MIL NYN
R 5 10/5/2001 BOS BAL
S 6 9/20/1926 BOS CLE
T 4 9/5/2012 NYN SLN
U 3 9/21/2013 ATL CHN
V 3 9/11/2011 CIN COL
W 5 9/4/2005 CHN PIT
X 0
Y 2 8/7/2013 CHN PHI
Z 2 9/25/2013 WAS SLN


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