Debuts by Batting Order Slot

Jorge Soler, the latest prospect called up by the Cubs this year, is making his big league debut tonight, batting fifth. That’s a pretty heady part of the order in which to make your first start in your first game. It got the VORG wondering how many batters have made their debut in each of the nine slots of the batting order. With the Baseball Reference Play Index revved up, here are the counts for each slot, along with the most recent player to debut in it:

Order Count Most recent Date
1st 314 Jonathan Villar 7/22/2013
2nd 288 Javier Baez 8/5/2014
3rd 185 Carlos Santana 6/11/2010
4th 81 Jose Abreu 3/31/2014
5th 200 Brad Glenn 6/27/2014
6th 461 Jake Lamb 8/7/2014
7th 614 Rymer Liriano 8/11/2014
8th 726 Tomas Telis 8/25/2014
9th 1759 Anthony Ranaudo 8/13/2014

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