The VORG’s Football Terminology Roster

Sunday gives us the first weekend of the new NFL season.  To help celebrate this “other” sport, the VORG presents the following list of MLB and MILB names that have associations with pigskins:

C: Frank Sacka, Wesley Holder, Kick Kelly, Robert Counterman, Bruno Block

P: Claude Passeau, Pete Center, Brandon Backe, Harold Tackleson, Eddie Guardado, Arky Holder, Hugh Holder, Trevor Holder, William Jammer, Dick Lines, Jay Hook, Bob Rush, James Screen, Donald Squibb, Dennis Yard, Bump Hadley, Darin Downs, Kelly Downs, Scott Downs, Herb Hash

1B: High Pockets Kelly

2B: Nick Punto, Justin Trapp, Bump Wills, Matt Downs, Red Downs

SS: Bill Holder, George Holder, Spike Owen, Bruce Yard

3B: Jerry Sweeps, Cy Block

OF: Brooks Holder, Drew Holder, Snapper Kennedy, Wally Post, Charlie Spikes, Spike Shannon, Terry Blocker, Nate Spears, Tuck Stainback, Tuck Turner

Bench: Dallas Huddle, Corner, Isiah Quarterman, Fred Nickel, Joseph Safety

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