Swapping Shutout Routs

Friday night, the Giants roughed up Hyun-Jin Ryu and ran away from the Dodgers, 9-0.  The next night, the Dodgers returned the favor on Tim Hudson and many other San Francisco relievers, 17-0.  Thus, we had consecutive shutouts by each team, with a total run differential of 26 (0-9/17-0).

This got the VORG wondering what the “consecutive shutout run differential” might be between teams within the same series.  Using the Retrosheet game logs from 1871-2013, I filtered for all shutouts, then looked for teams that participated in shutouts in consecutive games.  Then I further filtered it for instances where a team won by a shutout then lost by a shutout (or vice-versa).    With that list, I looked for the largest run differential, and we have to go back to 1886 to find the ONLY one greater than 26.

On May 27, 1886, the NL’s Chicago White Stockings lost 7-0 to the Washington Nationals.  The very next day, Washington succumbed to Chicago by a score of 20-0.  That 27-run swing is the greatest run differential in consecutive shutouts by opposing teams in MLB history.

So close, yet so far for the Dodgers and Giants.



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