Consecutive Game Hitting Streak to End One’s Career

As Derek Jeter winds down his stellar career with a mediocre at best final season, he’s managed to find one last burst of youthful ability. Coming into today’s game, he had fashioned a seven-game hitting streak. That streak ended with an 0-for-4 in the Yankees’ 9-5 loss to Baltimore.

If Jeter had managed to keep the streak alive Wednesday, and continue it through this coming Sunday, he would have ended his career with a 12-game hit streak. Given that Yankee legend Joe DiMaggio holds the all-time consecutive game hit streak, this got the VORG wondering what the Yankee record might be for a consecutive game hitting streak to end one’s career. Also, what would the major league record be? Thanks to the Baseball Reference Play Index, those answers have been found.

The Yankee record is 10 games, achieved by Don Mattingly in his final regular season contests in 1995. The major league record is 18 games, set by Magglio Ordonez while with the Tigers in his farewell season of 2011. Here is the list of those with streaks of 10 or more games:

Games Name Strk Start End BA OBP SLG Tm
18 Magglio Ordonez 8/15/2011 9/27/2011 .385 .388 .477 DET
14 Bill Sweeney 9/5/1931 9/27/1931 .351 .351 .456 BOS
13 Glenn Williams 6/7/2005 6/28/2005 .425 .452 .450 MIN
13 John Castino 9/24/1983 5/7/1984 .383 .453 .404 MIN
13 Les Bell 9/10/1931 9/27/1931 .388 .455 .592 CHC
10 Joe Wood 9/19/1943 10/3/1943 .357 .372 .429 DET
10 Don Mattingly 9/20/1995 10/1/1995 .371 .463 .657 NYY


Remarkably that 13-game streak of Glenn Williams was the entirety of his major league career. Williams’ “cup of coffee” was robust and flavorful! John Castino’s 13-game streak consisted of his last five games in 1983 and the only eight games he appeared in in 1984. Like Williams’, Joe Wood’s streak came in his only season in the Majors.

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