The VORG’s “All-Blizzard” Team

As we here along the northeast deal with “Winter Storm Juno,” the VORG gives you its “Blizzard” team made up of appropriately-named minor and major leaguers.  Sadly, its lacking in middle infielders (those little guys can’t see over the snowdrifts):

P: Forrest Snow, Jack Blizzard, Rich Gale, Ted Power, Tom Morgan (nicknamed “Plowboy”), Shovel Hodge, David Weathers, Storm Davis, Brady Salter, Ken Sanders, Scott Sanders, Windy McCall, William Heater, Jake Freeze, Brad Lidge (“Lights Out”), Glenn Flake, Stephen Flake, Steve Melter, Dick Lines, Dave Frost, Frosty Thomas, Jesse Tannehill (“Powder”), George Winter, Haley Winter

C: Charlie Snow, Mitch Trees, Robinson Cancel, LeRoy Winter

1B: J.T. Snow, Vic Power, Tom Power, Supply Butterfield, Ray Sanders, Ernie Gust

2B: Jon Winter

SS: Winter Adames

3B: Leo Ice, Jack Frost

OF: Fred Snodgrass (“Snow”), Frank Gleich (“Inch”), Roy Weatherly (“Stormy”), Reggie Sanders, Deion Sanders, Damon Winter

Util: Billy Flurry


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