23 Skidoo It Again

Friday night, the Mets defeated the Rockies at Coors Field by the score of 14-9.

Saturday night, the Mets defeated the Rockies again, by the exact same 14-9 margin.

That got the VORG wondering if the combined 23 runs in each game is the most in consecutive games between the same teams, with the same final score and winning team.

With the Retrosheet gamelogs database humming along nicely, I looked for the same total runs scored in two consecutive games by the same teams, and then looked for the respective scores in each game.

It turns out that 23 is the (new) record, surpassing the 20 runs scored in consecutive 11-9 victories over 70 years ago:

2nd game of double-header on 9/19/42 – Senators 11, Athletics 9

Game of 9/20/42 – Senators 11, Athletics 9

There have been three instance of consecutive 19s (two games with 16-3, two with 18-1, two with 12-7).

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