Greatest Difference in Age of Opposing Starting Pitchers

One of the cool facts of the upcoming Super Bowl is the record 13-year age difference between the starting quarterbacks (Peyton Manning is 39 while Cam Newton is 26).

That got the VORG wondering what the regular season record is for age difference between starting pitchers.  With the Retrosheet gamelogs accessed, here is the answer:

On September 25, 1965, 59-year-old Satchel Paige (DOB 7/7/1906), who had last appeared in an MLB game in 1953, took the mound against 29-year-old Bill Monbouquette (DOB 8/11/36), as the Boston Red Sox and Kansas City Athletics faced off. That was a difference of 10,993 days between the pitchers’ birthdates. Paige tossed three scoreless innings, by the way.

Paige was also part of the second-largest difference, when as a 47-year-old, he opposed 18-year-old Bob Miller on September 22, 1953,  Paige’s St. Louis Browns defeated the Detroit Tigers 7-3 that day, with Paige going seven innings. That game featured a difference of 10,600 days between pitchers’ birthdates.

In the non-Satchel Paige category, the April 12, 2012 contest between 49-year-old Jamie Moyer (born 11/18/1962 and pitching for the Colorado Rockies) and 22-year-old Madison Bumgarner (born 8/1/89 and pitching for the San Francisco Giants) featured a difference of 9,753 days between their birthdates.

3 thoughts on “Greatest Difference in Age of Opposing Starting Pitchers

  1. This post got me wondering about the smallest number of game-to-game connections one could make tracing baseball back to its start.

    By that I mean:

    Jamie Moyer pitched (and won!) against Steve Carlton in June 1986.

    Steve Carlton played against Warren Spahn in September 1965.

    Warren Spahn played with Johnny Cooney in April 1942

    Johnny Cooney batted against Babe Adams in July 1923

    And when we get to the start of Adams’s career in 1906, we don’t have good box scores any longer. But four links. Does that make sense?

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