A Rotation All Ending in a Vowel

Friend of the VORG Bill Arnold wrote to me today:

“I was doing some rooting around and I came across Bill’s Chuck’s note about the possibility of a Yankee starting rotation of pitchers whose last names all end with a vowel. I was wondering if this type of rotation has ever been accomplished before?

The Yankee pitchers are: Masahiro Tanaka, Luis Severino, CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova, Michael Pineda, and Nathan Eovaldi.”

Using Fangraphs yearly pitching stats, I determined the top five starting pitchers for each squad from 1871-2015.  I then determined how many members of each squad had a last name ending in a, e, i, o or u.  It turns out there have been four teams to do it:

1950-Dodgers Don Newcombe
1950-Dodgers Preacher Roe
1950-Dodgers Erv Palica
1950-Dodgers Ralph Branca
1950-Dodgers Carl Erskine
1951-Dodgers Don Newcombe
1951-Dodgers Preacher Roe
1951-Dodgers Ralph Branca
1951-Dodgers Carl Erskine
1951-Dodgers Erv Palica
1983-Reds Mario Soto
1983-Reds Bruce Berenyi
1983-Reds Frank Pastore
1983-Reds Charlie Puleo
1983-Reds Joe Price
2014-Brewers Yovani Gallardo
2014-Brewers Wily Peralta
2014-Brewers Kyle Lohse
2014-Brewers Matt Garza
2014-Brewers Marco Estrada

1 thought on “A Rotation All Ending in a Vowel

  1. The 2012 Yankees were close with 5 of the top 6 pitchers with a name ending in a vowel:
    Kuroda 33 GS
    Hughes 32 GS
    Sabathia 28 GS
    Nova 28 GS
    Garcia 17 GS
    Pettitte 12 GS

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