Longest Last Name with 1-Point Scrabble Tiles

Once again, my Twitter followers come up with the idea for a fun post:

So, fulfilling my destiny, I took the player file from the Lahman Baseball Database. I then searched for last names longer than eight letters (as in “Iannetta”).  I then took those names and searched for any that did NOT have any non-one-point letters (b,c,d,f,g,h,j,k,m,p,q,v,w,x,y,z).  Here are the results, in length order.

Player Length
Andy Sonnanstine 11
Brian Asselstine 10
Bill Antonello 9
John Antonelli 9
Johnny Antonelli 9
Matt Antonelli 9
Frank Arellanes 9
Darrell Einertson 9
Harry Eisenstat 9
Bobby Estalella 9
Bobby Estalella 9
Don Lassetter 9
Larry Littleton 9
Wes Littleton 9
Brian Ostrosser 9
Phil Ouellette 9
Whitey Ritterson 9
Bill Rollinson 9
Al Santorini 9
Herm Starrette 9
Kennie Steenstra 9
Mickey Tettleton 9
Thad Tillotson 9
Jose Tolentino 9
Cristobal Torriente 9
John Tsitouris 9

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