When the Pitcher and Home Plate Ump Share a Name

Friend of the VORG Bill Arnold got in touch with me today:


I’m sure you have heard of this last night Carlos Torres of the Brewers started a game with umpire Carlos Torres behind the plate. I was wondering how many times has this happened of a pitcher throwing to a umpire with the same name?



Indeed, Brewers reliever Carlos Torres did have his pitches called balls or strikes by another Carlos Torres last night.

Now, I don’t have the tools to search for EVERY pitcher. But I could, using the Retrosheet game logs, come up with the starting, winning, losing and saving pitchers in each game along with the home plate umpire.  So I’ll preface my (brief) results with the note that I might be missing some reliever/umpire combos.

Pitcher Rick Reed had balls and strikes called by umpire Rick Reed on two separate occasions, nearly nine years apart:

19920930 KCA CAL Rick Reed Rick Reed Julio Valera
20010807 CLE MIN Rick Reed CC Sabathia Rick Reed

2 thoughts on “When the Pitcher and Home Plate Ump Share a Name

  1. Pitcher Joe Berry pitched seven games in relief with the 1944-45 Athletics and three games in relief with the 1946 Indians when Charlie Berry was umpiring behind the plate. Joe pitched 15.1 innings, recording two wins, one loss and one save.

  2. Another one—kind of cool. On July 4, 1978, pitcher Charlie Williams, in the final season of his major-league career, pitched one-plus inning in a Giants-Padres game in which rookie major-league umpire Charlie Williams was working the plate. Charlie Williams the umpire stayed in the majors till 2001.

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