Longest-Named Batteries (Update)

A few years ago, we delved into the shortest-named batteries of all-time, and included a brief mention of the longest-named pair.

“. . . the battery with the longest combined last name?  It appears to be 23.  On September 27, 1940, the Chicago Cubs had Ken Raffensberger pitching to Clyde McCullough

Last night, the Twitterverse came back to this topic, with a potential new leader:

I’ll tackle the Scrabble aspect of this in a separate post. For now, I’d like to confirm that if we are dealing ONLY with starting pitcher and catcher combos, then Jarrod Saltalamacchia is the catching part of all records, supplying 14 of the new record 24 letters. This season alone, he has caught Tigers pitcher Jordan Zimmermann three times. In 2015, “Salty” caught four different pitchers with 10 letters in their last names.

date vteam vlg hteam hlg VisSP VisCat HomeSP HomeCat
20150607 NYN NL ARI NL deGrom Plawecki Collmenter Saltalamacchia
20150621 SDN NL ARI NL Cashner Norris Hellickson Saltalamacchia
20150811 PHI NL ARI NL Buchanan Rupp Hellickson Saltalamacchia
20140520 PHI NL MIA NL Burnett Ruiz DeSclafani Saltalamacchia
20070816 KCA AL TEX AL Oviedo Buck Rheinecker Saltalamacchia
20150627 ARI NL SDN NL Hellickson Saltalamacchia Cashner Norris
20150801 ARI NL HOU AL Hellickson Saltalamacchia Keuchel Conger
20150616 ARI NL ANA AL Hellickson Saltalamacchia Richards Perez

So, all hail the NEW record-holders, at 24 letters.

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  1. Back in 1938 Al Hollingsworth and Willard Hershberger formed a battery. Hollingsworth came in as a reliever and Hershberger started. That’s 24 letters.

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